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20 Jun


Intense energies continue to buffet the planet.  The Full Moon and Summer Solstice occur on the same day, June 20, the first time in decades.  The tremendous energy calls for us to let go –  let go of the past, let go of that which no longer serves us.  What no longer serves us can be many things,  like addictions, habits, grudges and beliefs, which are only that, beliefs.  It can include jobs, possessions and relationships.  It might be something that has been simmering at the bottom of your consciousness for quite some time,  that you finally need to resolve.

The answer to everything happening in the world right now is Love.  I find it so important I need to capitalize it.  It is what I said in my book and what I blog about.  Love is the tremendous force which will transform the planet.   We need to recognize the frequencies coming into the planet,  embody them and help to ground them into the planet’s energetic field and into our lives.

Have you felt the twists and turns in time?  Sometimes minutes fly by and other times they pass so slowly.   Countless phenomena have filled our days, but we are unaware due to busy lives and the media’s tendency to hide anything outside the norm.  There are close to 1500 active volcanoes right now,  many located around the Pacific in the Ring of Fire.  Six corporations control 90% of the media in the United States and they control what you know and when you know it.  There was a 7.0 earthquake in the North Pacific yesterday, did you hear about it? There is an increase in both quantity and magnitude of seismic activity.  Solar flare activity at the beginning of the year was strong and now the sun has quieted down to almost no activity, except the solar winds which continue to impact the planet.  Einstein recognized that cosmic phenomena affect us.  They affect our brain, nervous system and cells.  They fuel our evolution in becoming light beings filled with love. Our DNA is made up of light that is below our range of perception, but it is there nonetheless.  Just recently I read that at the moment of conception, when the sperm fertilizes the egg, there is a spark of light.  That says it all.

We are all affected by the unseen energy.  Individuals who are unstable may be pushed to act in desperate ways due to the powerful energies coming in.  For others,  life may move at a chaotic pace.  There will be those who thrive on the energy and use it to accelerate change in their lives. Where do you fit in?  What is important is to be aware of the energy and light.  Quantum physics has proved that  thoughts create reality.  So many chalk it up to new age baloney, but it’s not.  Take a course in quantum physics or do some reading and you will be amazed at the continued findings of physicists about life and our world.  The fact that they are using the Hadron Collider to look for the God particle should erase any doubt you may have about energy.  Almost daily there are reports that scientists believe there are parallel universes and that our reality may be a huge hologram.

Does it make any difference to our lives?  No.  Does it make a difference to how we live our lives?  Yes.  Quite simply, it lays responsibility at our doorstep for the future of our planet.  Apart from needing to be caretakers of our beloved planet, we need to absorb the energy entering the planet and use it to create the reality we want.  It’s like algebra, if A = B, and B = C, then A = C.  If you believe that our thoughts affect outcome, and that change needs to happen, then our thoughts can affect that change.

Who can deny after the horrific events in Orlando last week and other points around the globe that we need change on our planet?  Love is the key.  Love is the manifestation of the light and energy coming into the planet.  You were born to be a part of this – anyone here right now has a part to play, even if it is just sending love, light and prayers on a daily basis to everyone on the planet.  It  sounds too easy, but it is the way.  There are so many studies proving that mass meditations affect reality.  So if nothing else, meditate for at least five minutes a day and try to go on from there.  Clear your mind and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly, deeply, until you feel you have touched your core being and then imagine you are taking in the love and light impacting the planet through your star chakra, about six inches above the top of your head.  Imagine the light filling every cell of your body until you are glowing and carry that with you throughout your day and imagine you leave traces of that beautiful light wherever you go and with anyone you meet.  Use it, play with it, send it to ISIS, send it to Syria, send it to politicians.  But do it!  It’s free, quick and easy and the more you do it, the more it will be your way of being.

The powers that want war and grief to remain our constant know that we can change reality.  They fight it by that 90% media control absorbing our minds with nonsense or violence.  If most people on the planet just turned to meditation, visualization, prayer and working with the light, change would be instant and profound.  So give it a whirl.  You can do it at your desk or in Chili’s.  It only takes minutes, even moments and no one has to know you are doing it.  You can do it with your eyes open,  in case you aren’t yet comfortable with your role as a spiritual being.  Because that’s what you are!!  Not a body with a soul, but a big, beautiful, bright soul filled with love that has a tiny part squashed into a very limited body.  Think big!  Remember who you really are!  And use your love to change the world. energy

My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, is a crash course to the shift in consciousness, available at Amazon.  I do natal charts with transits and progressions to assist you to navigate the energies present in your life so you can be proactive, rather than reactive. I can phone anywhere in the world for your reading   Contact me at planetarytransformation@gmail.com.  Bright blessings to all, embody the love and remember to




25 Jul

lovingI haven’t blogged in a while. I sat back and observed the energy carrying us through our evolution. And it’s been a doozy, with the Summer Solstice, class X solar flares, powerful earthquakes, plane crashes and dicey diplomatic situations involving military action.

No one said planetary shift would be easy. We are seeing the death throes of finite third dimensional life while higher dimensional frequencies birth and transmute. We are the caterpillar morphing into the butterfly, not quite there yet and wondering what the hell is going on.

As I have said many times before, we hold the key. Yes we do. Yes you do. Read about quantum physics and what the research has uncovered. It is one more piece of the puzzle to the amazing creation we inhabit. Our thoughts create reality, so it is of the highest importance that our thoughts and emotions center on the most benevolent outcome for ourselves and humanity.

You know how much of your day is spent griping or grouchy or worried. That energy is, literally, a downer. Low vibrations attract more low vibrations. It is that simple. So lift yourself up. Don’t dwell on the horrific news stories. Instead, pray or send healing light to them. Send solace, love and healing to the souls that made such an unexpected transition when the Malaysian airliner was shot down. Send the same to their grieving families and the recovery workers traumatized by collecting corpses and body parts. See Israel and Palestine reaching a peace agreement. See the same for Iraq, Ukraine, and Syria. Send love, always send love.

Spend time each day tuning into your core being, connecting with the real you, the light-filled playful spirit that you embodied as a child. It is there. You will find it buried below years of stress, disappointment, worries and the trappings of our 21st century lives including the high-tech gizmos we use every day.

Learn to be in the moment. It’s simple, though not easy. Our point of power is in the moment because there is no past and no future – only this very moment that you are reading this. And in this moment you can decide to create change in your life and on our beautiful planet. See the changes you seek in your mind’s eye and feel them in every fiber of your being. Let go of everything that no longer serves you and know that God/pure source energy/the universe is fueling our evolution to a higher expression of our humanity.

There is no way to believe that we are meant to stay where we are as a race, to believe that we have attained our highest good. Every day I read about atrocities on the internet, many involving cruelty to animals. I send the offenders love, light and forgiveness that they may use the light as appropriate. Every soul is here to learn and experience at its own pace. The process must unfold according to each being’s needs.

Although many people have turned to the light and embody unity consciousness as they live their lives, so many people do not. I read much from different Lightworkers, as well as channeled material and see what resonates. Many say that there will be a cosmic ‘event’ that will awaken the planet in just a moment’s time. I suppose anything is possible in this majestic universe that we live in. I read repeatedly that scientists are concerned as the planet’s magnetic field is weakening at a pace that is unheard of. Possibly when we get to zero point and the magnetic field reverses, our pineal glands will activate and we will use our entire brain and create a heretofore unknown coherence among humanity. I think many people will be unable to fathom the truths of our existence and for many it will be quite challenging.

There is so much that is hidden from us. Religions create ritual and dogma which control people and cut them off from their true spirituality which is inclusive, not divisive. Extraterrestrial races have been visiting the planet for eons, yet the truth is hidden by cover-ups and black ops activities. Read Dr. Steven Greer’s book, Hidden Truth:Forbidden Knowledge. Greer is the director of CSETI and has had encounters with our space brothers. A network of pyramids exists around the planet on every continent. They are covered with vegetation, protecting their secrets. And the construction is dated back much farther than the supposed dawn of civilization, about 30,000 years ago. So who built them and to what purpose? Looks like they were part of a huge energy grid, providing optimum energy for growing crops and for healing. And I have seen many reports of artifacts being found inside huge lumps of coal, a small brass bell or tools.The coal was dated to 300 million years ago! So how did the bell get there? Did man have an advanced civilization that long ago that was wiped out? Was it an alien civilization? Or did someone time travel and drop the bell or tool there? Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Mainstream archeology doesn’t accept any of it and so all that information tends to be swept under the carpet to be forgotten. It appears our planet has an incredibly long and rich history that I hope will be revealed some day.

rumiMeanwhile, the best we can do is anchor photon energy flooding the planet from the solar flares and parts of our galaxy. The photons are sub-atomic particles of light and are driving our evolution. Tune into a quiet space at least once a day and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth until you have connected with your center. See the highest good for yourself and the planet. Envision healing for any situation you feel necessary. We are here in service to the planet and humanity. We checked the box and were born for a purpose. So many people ask, ‘why am I here?’ You are here as an expression of love – you are here to make a difference. Start looking for ways every day to make that happen. When you do, your energy expands, your frequency rises and you join the flow of the universe to become a positive source of change for you and the planet.

I do natal charts with transits/progressions by phone/Skype for $50. The call lasts one hour and gives you an idea of the energy affecting your life for the next year. Astrology cannot make your decisions for you, but it helps you make informed decisions. Email me at planetarytransformation@gmail.com. Sample chapters of my book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes, a guide to personal and planetary transformation, are available at Amazon.

The sand is running through the hourglass and time is short. Make every moment count and remember to




1 Apr

trancendanceI believe certain popular films and music make their way into our consciousness to awaken us or shift us.  I have seen this over decades and see it right now with the song Let It Go from the most popular animated film ever, Frozen.  The song is so popular, it’s being sung in 25 languages by artists around the world.  The universe, God, source is not asking us, it’s telling us to let go.  To let go of the past, whatever anger, resentment, guilt, doubt and sadness we are carrying in our so very heavy personal baggage.  LET IT GO.  Such a perfect message.  We have shifted into a higher dimension, energy and frequency.  We need to let go of the dross, the density and move to a higher vibration of love and light and we will find a new way of being.

So many things are happening energetically right now. The equinox was a powerful portal and asked for balance.  This most recent new moon in Aries on March 30, provided energy for initiative and new beginnings.  This month of April we will have a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, and a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 29.  Tremendous energy is fomenting right now.  The eclipse energy has already begun to manifest in recent events on the world stage and in personal lives.  Eclipses are people-movers.  Born, die, sick, well, get a job, lose a job, fall in love, break up, move away.  If it is aspecting your natal chart, I am sure you feel it already and don’t quite know what to think about that buzzy energy in your life and how quickly time has been flowing.  The Lunar Eclipse is in Libra and so many people are going to fall deeply in love, and others are going to either get real in their relationship or to Let It Go. As above so below.  It will also affect the world stage and diplomacy between countries.

Apart from those very potent cosmic happenings, there have been lots of solar flares and a huge one this past Saturday that knocked out radio around the planet for a short while.  If it does that to the radio, what do you think it does to you?  Albert Einstein was one of the first to note, that any energy coming into the planet affects us – it affects our brain, nervous system and cells, being the electromagnetic beings that we are.  Maybe you couldn’t sleep, felt anxious or on the other hand, wanted to go out and climb a mountain.  Different people experience it differently.  Astrologically, we will experience a Grand Cross exact on April 23, including Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars, opposing each other, creating challenges between each other.  Once again watch the world stage for big news.  It’s another push to LET IT GO and transform.  If you understand the process it will make it much easier for you to lean into the flow instead of fighting the current.  It all comes with love from prime creator to move us to our most beautiful and transcendant beingness.  Don’t fight it, LET IT GO.

If you watch the news right now, you can see the energy in action.  First Putin hosts the Olympics at the cost of 51 billion dollars – international friendship, then he invades Crimea.  There has been an ebola outbreak in Liberia and it’s been said we could be facing an epidemic.  The death rate with ebola is 90%.  Sixty Minutes reported that the stock market is rigged. Large stock traders have spent huge sums of money so their online trading can be a fraction of a second faster than regular traders and thus they rig the market and make millions on the backs of normal people.  Obscene greed.  But eclipses bring the hidden to light and call for reform.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they find out the fate of the missing Malaysian airliner around one of the eclipses.  Japan wants to dump all its radioactive water in the ocean at great harm to the rest of the planet.  Lunacy, but it won’t be changed until we speak up –  until we use quantum consciousness and visualize the healing of the Fukushima Daichi radiation.  Then there’s news that researchers are suspecting that the loss of 90% of the species of the planet eons ago was not due to a cataclysmic event, but microbes.  In Paris, they have elected their first woman mayor –  sign of the times – the Divine Feminine returns to the planet and not a moment too soon.  Volcanoes have become active and  there have been some sizeable earthquakes which you can see at http://www.earthquaketrack.com. If there is any doubt in your mind about this energetic time we are traversing, look at your own life.  I’m sure you are feeling every bit of it.

So what’s a boy or girl to do?  Remain calm and breathe deep.  Don’t go into fear.  It’s like we have a big cosmic toothache and we are afraid to have the tooth pulled, but as soon as we Let It Go we will feel so much better, healthier and ready to rock.  So holy Nellie, hang on to your hats – April will be a wild ride, kinda like Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride in Disneyland, only in this one, you can’t get off.  Breathe in through your nose deeply and out through your mouth.  Go into a peaceful place and see positive transformation in your life and in that of the planet.  Hold that vision, anchor the energy coming into the planet and be a beacon.  Quantum consciousness will transform the planet and you are here to do that.

coolgraphic.orgIf you would like some insight into your life right now, I do natal charts for $40.  For $10 I will tell you if the eclipses are aspecting your chart and how, starsong@prodigy.net.mx .   My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES is a crash course to the shift in consciousness, with sample chapters available at Amazon.  Be open to change, clean your closets, improve your health, let go of someone or something and especially of the past which no longer serves you and you will be a vehicle of planetary transformation.  LET IT GO !  We are a transcendant force of love and light.  Spread it generously and remember to



First illustration by Daniel B.Holeman, second by http://www.coolgraphic.org






7 Nov

After superstorm Sandy, is there any doubt that the world is changing and that this is a pivotal year for humanity?  If you were waiting for a 2012 cataclysm, well, it happened.   The storm affected the most populous area of the United States.  It affected so many millions on such a fundamental level.  And more important, it showed exactly how fragile our society is.  The lack of electricity created pioneer era conditions.  At the same time, there was a 7.7 earthquake off the coast of western Canada. I read channeled information that says it was a release of pressure in the west and a cleansing in the east.  It is the year of the ‘water’ dragon.

As heartrending as the storm was, I see the silver lining.  All those millions of people couldn’t text, answer their cel phones, watch tv or be on the computer. Holy cow!  They were forced to talk to their families, connect with their neighbors, play board games and  be totally aware of their surroundings.  And they were presented with opportunities to help another.  So many heroes emerged from the storm.  So many times I was brought  to tears by the stories of people that gave their lives for others or took heroic steps for others.  My heart swells with the beauty that lies at the core of humanity.  Unfortunately,  many times it takes dire circumstances to bring forth that aspect.

I write this on the morning after our presidential election.  My focus and intent is that people get the idea that we need to cooperate.  Period.  There is no more time for bickering and hatred.  We can transform our planet,  but we need to be present,  focused and with an open heart.  If we can’t get to that place voluntarily, the universe will be happy to oblige with some other cataclysm which will wake us up, kind of like the movie Moonstruck, when Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says,  ‘Snap out of it!’

The energy from the cosmos, the solar flares, continues to feed our transformation.  There are two eclipses this month, a solar eclipse November 13 and a lunar eclipse November 28 that up the ante.  This month offers such opportunity for growth and change.  So breathe in and visualize change you wish to see.  Be an active participant in your evolution.  Know that you are one with everything else in creation.  It was a lesson the east coast learned from the storm – we are all together in this, more alike than different.

Love is the secret, the key, the answer.  Simple, but not easy.  You have to love all those Democrats or Republicans that have been annoying you for months now.  Get past it. Turn up your inner flame and let it guide you through your day.  Shine your divinity, your love and light, on the world as you go about your life.  As quantum physics tells us, your thoughts create reality, so be impeccable about what you use your brain matter for.

And you might find, that as the energy ramps up and we draw closer to the winter solstice that you begin to feel different, that the veil is thinning and you feel more in touch with your being than you have ever been before.  That is the future.  Asking us to



28 Aug

I am an idealist.  I have always been an idealist, even when I was a small child.  I went to parochial school, so I picked up on the spiritual side of life very early.  When I went to bed at night, I used to pray and bless almost everyone in the world.  I used to imagine that Mr.Clean (from tv commercials fame) would go around the world and clean up and fix ghettos.  In the fifties and early sixties, ghettos were on the evening news a lot, and that’s where I got that idea from.

I remember one suppertime that I created a great uproar when I said that I didn’t understand why all the very rich people in the world didn’t share their money with the poor people so everyone would have something.  My parents started to shout  ‘Are you out of your mind, are you crazy? That’s COMMUNISM!’  Needless to say, I didn’t bring that subject up again and I learned to reserve my opinions.  But lookie here, now everyone can blog and say just what they feel.

I know people love the Olympics, it was the most watched tv show ever in the world.  And the athletes do work hard at their sport.  But I am sorry, I find it divisive.  Oh yes, it brings together the nations of the world and the pageantry is beautiful with the opening and closing ceremonies.   But, it is about COMPETITION.  As I said, it is divisive and pits one country against the other.

Now let me go back to that inner idealist, reserving opinions.  What if we had an Olympics of making the world a better place?  What if we had competitions to see whose team could build clinics and schools fastest in small needy villages around the world?  What if we had competitions to plant fields of food fastest, or train people in occupations fastest?  And just think of the incredibly huge amount of money – billions – that was spent on the Olympics and how that money could have helped so many starving, uneducated villages without clean water to become part of that world that they were watching on the one tv in the village?  I told you I am an idealist.  And I know many of you right now are saying, come on, get real, it’s the Olympics!  And I am saying to you, no, you get real.  Let’s have an Olympics to truly be proud of, which will unite the world in love and joy and healing and progress.  I told you I am an idealist.

Apart from the Olympics, the solar flares have been unrelenting with the photon energy flooding the planet with transformative urgency.  The energy is tremendous and affects our brains, nervous systems and cells.  Astrologer Cayelin Castell wrote an informative piece which gives you a clear view of just how potent the flares are,  http://cayelincastell.com/the-upcoming-solar-maximum-of-2013/

And on a note of great mysteries, researcher Sam Osmanagich has discovered the largest pyramid in the world in Bosnia. It is larger than the pyramids in Egypt and has an extensive tunnel system underneath.  They have carbon-dated things from the tunnels at 15,000 and 30,000 years BC.  Listen to his interview with Dr. Meg Losey and you will be amazed. http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=1441 .  There is still much we do not know about our incredible planet and our shared history.

Take advantage of the transformative energy surrounding us.  Every time you stay in the moment is another chance to

                    STEP INTO THE LIGHT !


16 Jul

If you’ve paid attention to the news, you know there was a solar flare on June 13 and another on June 14.  There was a class X flare on Thursday that hit the planet Saturday.  It is such a tremendous flow of energy.  We can use it to ‘align with the divine’ as Tosha Silver says in her book, Outrageous Openness. All we have to do is to be aware of the energy and flow it into our lives.  Dedicate yourself to a full day of mindfulness, looking for the divine in every moment, in every face you see and in every situation and you will be surprised at what jumps out at you.  All you have to do is to acknowledge who you are and the divinity that resides within you – that bright light that powers you from within and will assist  you in amazing ways, if only you let it.

There are gorgeous periwinkle thumbergia vines outside my kitchen window on the wall.  During the rainy season now, they grow about two feet in a couple of days.  I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not.  If I had a time lapse camera I could prove it.  So I need to constantly cut them back so I can walk through the gangway.

They keep on keeping on, in line with their divine purpose to be lush, beautiful vegetation.  No  matter how many times I cut them back, every time they come back bigger and better than before.  The adversity does not shrivel them and cause them to die.  Quite the contrary, it emboldens them to be better than ever.  So I have taken that lesson from my garden to heart and know that I must shine my light no matter what circumstances are poised to diminish it. I am here to create change on the planet and embody the light and that’s what I will do – as natural as breathing. 

So know that when the nightly news advises there is a solar flare on its way, that’s it’s time to ramp up mindfulness and use the energy for personal and planetary transformation.  It is unfelt and unseen, but it is there in a big way.  Albert Einstein was one of the first people to recognize that the energy from solar flares affected our physical bodies.  You can keep track yourself on www.spaceweather.com, if you’d like.  It is all part of cycles within cycles unfolding the evolutionary shift in consciousness.  Right now there is a sunspot on the sun that is ten times larger than the planet earth!  Can you imagine that?  The sunspot is generating the solar flares and looks like it won’t be going anywhere for a while.  So make peace with the energy, and use it.  Breathe it, meditate and be grateful for the miracle of all those trillions of photons taking us to a higher ground, like Stevie Wonder said.  This is why we are here and this is the moment we have all been waiting for. 

Here’s a short photon meditation from my book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes:

Start right now and set a clear intention to expand your consciousness with the love flooding the planet.  Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe in deeply and slowly and then deeply exhale until you feel you have shifted into another mode.  See the brilliant light which is streaming from the heart of the galaxy, passing through the sun and then onto our planet.  See it coming in through your soul star, the chakra which is about fourteen inches above your head, and then flooding your body with the light. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, circulating the light in your body. Breathe in photon energy through your soul star and then breathe it out into your surroundings. Do this for at least five minutes or as long as you’d like.  Create the intention to anchor this energy into your life.  Slowly open your eyes and gently return to your surroundings.  And so it is.