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20 Jun


Intense energies continue to buffet the planet.  The Full Moon and Summer Solstice occur on the same day, June 20, the first time in decades.  The tremendous energy calls for us to let go –  let go of the past, let go of that which no longer serves us.  What no longer serves us can be many things,  like addictions, habits, grudges and beliefs, which are only that, beliefs.  It can include jobs, possessions and relationships.  It might be something that has been simmering at the bottom of your consciousness for quite some time,  that you finally need to resolve.

The answer to everything happening in the world right now is Love.  I find it so important I need to capitalize it.  It is what I said in my book and what I blog about.  Love is the tremendous force which will transform the planet.   We need to recognize the frequencies coming into the planet,  embody them and help to ground them into the planet’s energetic field and into our lives.

Have you felt the twists and turns in time?  Sometimes minutes fly by and other times they pass so slowly.   Countless phenomena have filled our days, but we are unaware due to busy lives and the media’s tendency to hide anything outside the norm.  There are close to 1500 active volcanoes right now,  many located around the Pacific in the Ring of Fire.  Six corporations control 90% of the media in the United States and they control what you know and when you know it.  There was a 7.0 earthquake in the North Pacific yesterday, did you hear about it? There is an increase in both quantity and magnitude of seismic activity.  Solar flare activity at the beginning of the year was strong and now the sun has quieted down to almost no activity, except the solar winds which continue to impact the planet.  Einstein recognized that cosmic phenomena affect us.  They affect our brain, nervous system and cells.  They fuel our evolution in becoming light beings filled with love. Our DNA is made up of light that is below our range of perception, but it is there nonetheless.  Just recently I read that at the moment of conception, when the sperm fertilizes the egg, there is a spark of light.  That says it all.

We are all affected by the unseen energy.  Individuals who are unstable may be pushed to act in desperate ways due to the powerful energies coming in.  For others,  life may move at a chaotic pace.  There will be those who thrive on the energy and use it to accelerate change in their lives. Where do you fit in?  What is important is to be aware of the energy and light.  Quantum physics has proved that  thoughts create reality.  So many chalk it up to new age baloney, but it’s not.  Take a course in quantum physics or do some reading and you will be amazed at the continued findings of physicists about life and our world.  The fact that they are using the Hadron Collider to look for the God particle should erase any doubt you may have about energy.  Almost daily there are reports that scientists believe there are parallel universes and that our reality may be a huge hologram.

Does it make any difference to our lives?  No.  Does it make a difference to how we live our lives?  Yes.  Quite simply, it lays responsibility at our doorstep for the future of our planet.  Apart from needing to be caretakers of our beloved planet, we need to absorb the energy entering the planet and use it to create the reality we want.  It’s like algebra, if A = B, and B = C, then A = C.  If you believe that our thoughts affect outcome, and that change needs to happen, then our thoughts can affect that change.

Who can deny after the horrific events in Orlando last week and other points around the globe that we need change on our planet?  Love is the key.  Love is the manifestation of the light and energy coming into the planet.  You were born to be a part of this – anyone here right now has a part to play, even if it is just sending love, light and prayers on a daily basis to everyone on the planet.  It  sounds too easy, but it is the way.  There are so many studies proving that mass meditations affect reality.  So if nothing else, meditate for at least five minutes a day and try to go on from there.  Clear your mind and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly, deeply, until you feel you have touched your core being and then imagine you are taking in the love and light impacting the planet through your star chakra, about six inches above the top of your head.  Imagine the light filling every cell of your body until you are glowing and carry that with you throughout your day and imagine you leave traces of that beautiful light wherever you go and with anyone you meet.  Use it, play with it, send it to ISIS, send it to Syria, send it to politicians.  But do it!  It’s free, quick and easy and the more you do it, the more it will be your way of being.

The powers that want war and grief to remain our constant know that we can change reality.  They fight it by that 90% media control absorbing our minds with nonsense or violence.  If most people on the planet just turned to meditation, visualization, prayer and working with the light, change would be instant and profound.  So give it a whirl.  You can do it at your desk or in Chili’s.  It only takes minutes, even moments and no one has to know you are doing it.  You can do it with your eyes open,  in case you aren’t yet comfortable with your role as a spiritual being.  Because that’s what you are!!  Not a body with a soul, but a big, beautiful, bright soul filled with love that has a tiny part squashed into a very limited body.  Think big!  Remember who you really are!  And use your love to change the world. energy

My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, is a crash course to the shift in consciousness, available at Amazon.  I do natal charts with transits and progressions to assist you to navigate the energies present in your life so you can be proactive, rather than reactive. I can phone anywhere in the world for your reading   Contact me at planetarytransformation@gmail.com.  Bright blessings to all, embody the love and remember to




8 Dec

love your enemiesHeavy solar winds have been buffeting the planet.  As Albert Einstein recognized so long ago, that energy affects the planet and humanity, pushing our species to an evolution in consciousness.  We were never meant to stay at this level.  We are meant to hold the tremendous amount of light coming into the earth from our galactic center.  If you doubt that energy is coming from the core of our galaxy, read the NASA webpage.  That energy stirs our hearts and minds even though we might not feel it.  It explains the chaos and a world gone mad.  It’s making the holy and true shine, while it blackens the dark.  It’s like Lord of the Rings or whatever other tale of the battle between good and evil.

We all participate whether we know it or not.  Quantum physics says that we create our own reality, almost as a matrix, and every thought, word, action affects the whole of humanity.  Get enough people loving and transformation is effortless.  Ignore the world, and negativity and hate proliferate.  Look at the horrific mass killings around the globe.  That energy needs to be balanced by great love.  That’s where we come in.  Every day, throughout the day, even for a few minutes, it would change the world if we prayed, meditated or visualized.

You know there is a part of you that is your core, the soul of all you are, whether you acknowledge it or not.  Although you may hate the murderers, terrorists and other religions, if you spend any time at all within your core, you will know that hate is wrong.  Love is the only answer – love and forgiveness.  That’s it.  Real simple.  Maybe not so easy to do.  So like the image says, we must love the world and take care of others, because in the end, we are taking care of ourselves.

This is the time of year when our focus turns to our fellow man.  Sadly, it passes quickly and is not always inclusive of all men.  Would you help a Muslim neighbor or do you give mean looks of suspicion?  Do you feed the dirty, smelly homeless man?  We are ONE – connected by strands of universal energy.  The energy impacting the planet affects our DNA  and moves us closer to mastering our world through our hearts and minds.  Take advantage of this by connecting with your true, loving being and shine your consciousness throughout your life as you walk through the world.  Be present in the moment, that is where the point of power lies. As more and more of humanity express their light, the planet will stabilize and love will shine forth.

Just open your heart.

Chapters of my book are available at Amazon. Please enjoy love and light during this holiday season.  Remember, whatever you do



25 Sep

imagineWe’re in a time and place where energy and action come together.  A solar eclipse September 13, solar flares, solar storms, the equinox and the upcoming super moon lunar eclipse on September 28 are pushing our evolution and transformation.  It is no coincidence that Pope Francis traveled at precisely this time, bringing his humility and love to a starving planet.  I believe he carries a high love vibration and all the people who came in contact with him either in person or on the television/internet have received a serving of grace, real grace.  That energy, that blessing, that love, planted a seed in many hearts that will allow our hearts to crack open and grow into the fullness of collective love on the planet.

That big mystery on why we are here, it’s simple, we are here to make the world a better place and serve others.  Like the Hard Rock Café, love all, serve all!  Simple, but as I have said before, not easy.  It’s really hard to love the people pushing our buttons or terrorists who murder innocent people.  Yes, some people are destined for special tasks, but many of us are here to simply be love wherever we are – and there are millions around the planet now holding the light.  Look at the trending video of the McDonald’s employee who closed his cash register to help a disabled man eat.  We are that McDonald’s employee, our collective heart, and we need to send out a homing signal for those who need our assistance.  Give your time, concern, money, but especially love.  Love isn’t a word for only family and friends, it is for all of humanity.  It is limitless and there is plenty to go around if only we open our hearts.  Send it freely to all the refugees seeking safe haven.

Remember that your thoughts and emotions create reality, so it is imperative that you carry a strong desire for peace and love throughout your life.  If you think I’m crazy, take a course or two in quantum physics and then we’ll talk.  Everything is energy and we are energy and the higher the vibration, the easier to create transformation in our lives and on the planet.

Recent natural phenomena like the 8.3 earthquake in Chile, the erupting volcano in Japan and the increased activity reported by NASA coming from Sagittarius A in the heart of our galaxy demonstrate the transformative energy impacting the planet and which ultimately affects us, our brain, nervous system and DNA.

Reports say that August broke heat records around the planet.  The Inuit people talk about the way their environment has recently changed in this video, evidence of the undeniable change we are experiencing.  So what are you going to do about it?  Yes, you.  We all have a hand in this and the quicker we realize it and start living it, the quicker our planet will transform.  Start by breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth until you have connected with your true core, your true being.  Do it for a few minutes and then, as days go on, do it as much as you like, tapping into the real you, the soul that wears this body, this costume to play act on the stage of life and work out all the lessons we are here to learn or to balance out our actions from lives long past.

impactOnce you connect with your source, you can be that energy in your life and send it out to those around you and the rest of the world.  OUR COLLECTIVE HEART – you are an important part of it and every time you act from love, the energy affects the world.  When you think of terrorists, racists and haters of all kinds, remember what author Russell Brand says, ‘we must love as passionately as they hate, we must love life more than they love death.’

Tap into your center, love all and visualize humanity’s collective heart – a tsunami of love is waiting to happen.  Be part of it.  Sample chapters of my book READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES are available on Amazon.  Contact me for natal charts.  But whatever you do, remember to



22 Jun

36491_488034484571141_568328227_nI feel a definite shift happening over the last couple of weeks.  While I often speak about quantum physics, I have been presented with much information  from quantum healers that begs my attention.  I am signed up for various teleseminars which feature body/mind/spirit guests.  The gamut runs from healers to scientists and reinforces the feeling that we are hurtling to our rendezvous with evolution and the shift in consciousness.  The first experience I had was with Deborah Ariel Pietsch, www.shiftishappeningtv.com.  Deborah works to assist the new paradigm and to create an intentional unified field.  She does activations and just did one for yesterday’s powerful solstice.  I felt the energy via the call to the show she was on and knew she is connected to the energy at work on the planet right now.  I found it interesting.

The next quantum person I encountered was again a guest on a teleseminar, and once more, I felt truly strong energy while she conducted a meditation on the call.  Dr.Kimberly McGeorge, www.secrettoeverything.com, is a multi-talented channeler, connected to Source energy and creating tools to assist people with their frequency.  She works on the quantum level, where, ultimately, everything is created.  By the time I heard Raquel Spencer, www.raquelspencer.com, I knew that spirit had a loud clear message for me.  Raquel works to infuse the body with ‘light as information.’  She toned on the call and the energy actified within my third eye was strong.  So the universe was shaking me out of my own little world and saying wake up, things are ramping up.  Yesterday’s solstice was a portal of energy assisting to sweep away the past and to birth the future, so I paid close attention to what was coming into my life.

Powerful energy is cleansing the planet near and far.  Send light to the people experiencing the horrific flooding in India and Canada, and the earthquakes and tornadoes.  Set the intent that the change is created with ease and grace.  We create our realities and our focus is important.  Another part is information coming to light, like the scandal about the NSA spying via monitoring phone calls.  The energy also moves people to action, like the recent protests and clashes in Turkey and Brazil.

In the next week we are moving into what is astrologically known as the Jupiter Grand Water Trine, with the energy lasting until late July.  A trine is a flow of energy and opportunity.  With major planets involved, this flow of energy will present many gifts if we are centered and present to recognize them. We must be open and receptive.

I found a  book that talks quantum-  E Squared: Nine Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout.  Lots of people are reading it.  And maybe the most amazing thing I came across is the video about the super plasma galactic happening.  Like my book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, it looks like shift is coming whether we like it or not.  So it seems we should jump on the train and enjoy the ride!  Please take time to see this 18 minute video, so you can mull over all this information I’ve shared and draw your own conclusions,   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klSQzBgFRoY.

Know that the energy is fast and furious (just like the movie!) coming into the planet.  We need to tap into it and respond with love and light from the heart and carry it through our daily lives and use it to send around the planet as needed.  If you are reading this, you are a Lightworker in the trenches and it’s time to step up to why you are here, to assist with the quantum evolution of humanity.

Remember that I do natal charts/transits for $40, which can assist with clarity in the unfolding of your life.  September 26-29 is my STEP INTO THE LIGHT workshop here in Puerto Vallarta at the Velas Vallarta Hotel, www.velasvallarta.com.  The workshop centers on what’s happening now, why and how we can respond to create a beautiful planet and be our true selves, light, love, soul, or whatever you want to name our true inner being.  Basically, it’s a crash course on everything I have learned in the past 35 years.  It will empower each person to come into their own and assist with the shift in consciousness,  in this gorgeous place on the planet, filled with tremendous energy.  The price is $195 for the workshop and the five star hotel is $120 per person per night/double,  $150 single,  including food,drinks,taxes and the third night FREE!  Service is excellent with really good food and a gourmet restaurant, two pools connected by a river, koi ponds, waterfalls and peacocks and iguanas roaming the property.  Contact me at planetarytransformation@gmail.com.velas-big

Whatever you do, do it in service to the planet and the rest of humanity – we are all One.  Shine your light, glow your smile, extend your hand.  And remember to




22 May

gandhiIn real estate, the mantra is location, location, location.  Right here, right now the mantra is energy, energy, energy.  In the last week alone, there have been several class X solar flares – the maximum strength.  Although they were not directed toward earth, nonetheless, the energy is there.  And now with our planetary rotation, any forthcoming flares will be directed at us.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have my finger in an electric socket and I feel invigorated and find it hard to sleep.  As Albert Einstein said long ago, the energy affects us whether we see it or not.  It affects our brains, nervous systems and cells.  I am convinced that much of the lunacy on the planet right now is spurred on by the intense energy levels, like the man who bulldozed down his neighbors’ homes because he was angry.  And look at the news, with so many cases of unstable individuals taking people hostage or killing them.

Then we must consider the energy created by the eclipses we have experienced.There was a lunar eclipse April 25, a solar eclipse May 9 and another eclipse due May 25.  The eclipses are energetic portals and are raising personal and planetary vibrations, right along with the solar flares.  As I said in my last post, eclipses are people movers and often the headlines are confirmations of the energy.  The first eclipse was in Scorpio, co-ruled by Pluto, which is death, destruction, explosions, the hidden, among other things. We had the Boston bombings and the fertilizer plant explosion that almost leveled a town.  When Pluto astrologically went stationary retrograde, I heard of buildings collapsing all over the news, most notably the tragedy in Bangladesh where 1000 perished in a collapsed factory.  Though Pluto is also the planet of rebirth and they found a woman alive in the rubble more than two weeks later.  When it is your time, it is your time.  When it isn’t, it just isn’t.  The heavens are a mirror for what happens here, as above, so below.  Another thing I have noticed is that eclipses bring to light things long hidden, like the kidnapped women in Cleveland who escaped right before the second eclipse, to say nothing of the government scandals that have come to light. This next eclipse is in Sagittarius, a fire sign.  Look to the headlines for news events concerning fire, publishing, religion, sports, horses, gambling and travel.

The planet Uranus is squaring Pluto several times between now and 2015.  It started about two years ago.  Uranus is sudden, unexpected occurences, rebellion and Pluto, as I have mentioned, is destruction among many other things.  Tragically, sudden, unexpected destruction manifested as the heartbreaking tornado that obliterated so much of Moore, Oklahoma on the day that the astrological transit was exact. 

There is no doubt that the energy is here.  What is of utmost importance is what we do with it.  As quantum physics has proven, we are all one in a matrix or field of energy.  If you think I’m crazy or making this up, I am not.  Please study some quantum physics and then we’ll talk.  Watch some You Tube videos of Dr. John Hagelin, a quantum physicist and a PHD in physics and consciousness.  The uncomfortable part of all this is that we have a responsibility for the world we live in.  We can make it what we want.  It has long been hidden from us, because the powers that be want us to be a planet full of sheep just following along and bleeting while they rape the planet and hide away trillions of dollars.  But that time is over.  And the same energy of the Uranus/Pluto transits is breaking down the existing patterns of banking and corporate thievery and dominance.  It will not happen overnight, but it has begun and there is no going back.  Just think, you can be a hero, just like you have always read about in books or seen on the big screen.

To be the hero, you are asked to be present.  You must be present in every moment of every day.  You must let go of any petty annoyances and anything from the past that is anchoring you into lower vibrational existence.  And once you move yourself into the higher vibrations and breathe that incredibly light energy, there will be no going back.  You will be hooked on love and light and creating harmony on the planet.

So start today.  As always, do it little by little until it becomes your default way of being.  Start to meditate if you haven’t already.  I know I have said it before, but that’s because it is so important.  Center your being and connect with the real you that flows from spirit and ultimately drives who you are.  Breathe in the photons streaming from the heart of our galaxy and the solar flares.  Be in that space of quiet knowing and be guided in your life.  Remember how potent your thoughts are.  You might say, well, how could we possibly avert a tragedy like the Oklahoma tornado?  Well, maybe we cannot totally avert it, but maybe we can.  At least, if enough people had centered their attention on changing the course of the storm or lessening its velocity, yes, we could have made a difference.  Once again, if you doubt me, read some quantum physics.

So the challenge right now is to think in a different way.  And the eclipses and solar flares help to do just that.  They pry open our very closed minds and let in some light.  And at first, when light finally shines in a place that has been dark for so long, we see all kinds of terrible things, like filth and decay.  But once the light is there, the cleansing and change begins.  So start being present in the moment and allow change to sweep through you.  Absorb the energy coming into the planet, be a vessel of light and shine it back out as healing energy to the people who died in that factory collapse in Bangladesh and to all those who lost everything in the tornado in Oklahoma.

That love and light that you send creates more healing and miracles than you can imagine. And send that same energy into the earth every day to love and heal the planet, but gently with ease and grace.  Send it into the fault system, the volcanic system and the weather system.  You can make a difference.

Recently there have been many earthquakes around the planet.  There was one here just the other day.  And I just read about Phlegraen Fields, a caldera about six miles wide mostly underwater near Naples, Italy.  Scientists are monitoring that it is activating, heating up and releasing gases.  It is so huge that it could wipe out life on the planet if it erupts.  So send it a little love each day, that it gently releases pressure and negativity.

It may seem like business as usual, but nothing is the same any more.  The energy is powerful and so are we.  So take advantage of that fact and tap into your divine light and create the planet we all want to live on, with love and respect for all.

If you feel you need some assistance,  I do natal charts/readings for $40 and can be contacted at planetarytransformation@gmail.com. I identify opportunities and challenges as they come about in your life. In September, I will host STEP INTO THE LIGHT, a weekend workshop at the Velas Vallarta Hotel here in Puerto Vallarta, www.velasvallarta.com. The workshop will include techniques to incorporate the light into your life, meditation sessions, an early morning dolphin cruise on the bay, and a Hindu chant/meditation session.  Email me for more details.

My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, has 49 short chapters sharing simple ways to invite the energy to transform your life and the lives of those around you.  http://www.amazon.com/Ready-Not-Here-Comes-incredibly/dp/0984695206/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357057007&sr=1-1&keywords=chris+sausser .  But the most important thing, is that you



5 Mar

This is my first blog since the beginning of the year. The time has flown and I feel the energy is much lighter than last year, but also much faster, rushing headlong into higher realms.  And look at the changes and events we have seen.  The planet Saturn in Scorpio is revealing truths long hidden.  Lance Armstrong finally admitted his doping.  The pope stepped down amidst rumors from his earlier life.  Just this evening I read his retirement really has to do with taking the fall for the scandals with the Vatican Bank.  You very well may have shifted from the past in your own life. 

It is now the Year of the Water Snake since Chinese New Year.  One more reminder to shed the past like a snake sheds its skin.  Let go of the past to allow transformation into the tremendous light coming into the planet.  The full moon a week ago was conjuncted by the asteroid Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  I found it interesting that a friend that goes to a rehab group said that so many new people showed up at the group on the full moon.  I am sure that they were feeling the call to heal the wound they have been carrying throughout their lives.  Right now six planets are in the sign of Pisces.  The coming new moon is also in Pisces.  The word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Pisces is compassion.  With so many planets in the water sign, I feel we need to express compassion in the world, and most importantly, compassion for ourselves.  Since our thoughts create  our  reality, we must first be clear in our being in order to influence the world in a positive way.  Pisces  feels and easily connects with dreams, intuition and imagery.    So now is a perfect time  to bridge the gap between our third dimensional reality and what is beyond the veil.  There will never be a better time to meditate or to begin meditation in order to access our shift to the next dimension.    It’s also a splendid time to paint, write poetry, see movies or take photos.  Visualize,visualize,visualize. It’s an especially healing time for the planet and all her inhabitants. Now is the time to wade into the flow of energy and become it.  Merge your being with the energy and use your focus and intent to create exactly what you want in life. Imagine you are the flow.  You may have psychic impressions or you may become involved with illusion, even deception.  be in the moment and you will use the Pisces energy wisely.

It is a time of signs.  Look at the meteorite hit on Russia.  Today the news is that 30,000,000 locusts are invading Egypt like the biblical plague and may even go into Israel.  And Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, died today.  I find it is a time like no other.  Change cannot be denied. Many other lightworkers are sharing their knowledge.  Maureen Moss, formerly of The World Puja Network, shared her thoughts on transformation: http://www.maureenmoss.com/newsletters/latest-newsletter.  Much food for thought can be found at www.spiritofmaat.com.  Online magazine, www.omtimes.com, also has a wealth of information.  And this month two comets are going to be passing the earth.  They bring with them energy that has been in deep space for eons.  Can you imagine the intensity ?  Many astrologers consider comets wild cards.  Whereas with the usual suspects of planets and asteroids, they are dealing with a known quantity, comets are energy that we just don’t know.  So look forward to an interesting, transformative March.  Wade into the energetic flow and let yourself be transformed. 

My photo is from a weekend trip I recently took to a hotel on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, that is off the grid.  Tosa La Laguna, www.lakeatitlanspa.com,  isP1090891 an eco-spa hotel with amazing organic, vegan food and quantum spa treatments. The lake is ringed by three volcanoes.  In Antigua, the colonial city declared a landmark by UNESCO,many of the windows have purple draping on the windows to mark the Lenten period.  On the Friday afternoon that I was there, the people were carrying a lifesize statue of Jesus carrying the cross through the streets.  It was beautiful to see their faith, also a part of the energy we are now experiencing. 

My book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes, contains 49 chapters about the energy and how to incorporate into your life.  http://www.amazon.com/Ready-Not-Here-Comes-incredibly/dp/0984695206/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357057007&sr=1-1&keywords=chris+sausser  Become part of the flow. 

                        STEP INTO THE LIGHT !                                                              


1 Jan

565464_4669193858688_1930365392_nHappy New Year!  The hoopla is over, the world did not end and we didn’t have three days of darkness.  But the world changed.  December 12 opened a portal and tremendous energy entered the planet carrying us to December 21 and the alignment with the heart of the galaxy.  The shift has occured.  Didn’t you feel the energy?

Now that it is here, embrace it!  Be aware that it is subtly shaping our world and we will see positive changes around the world, in politics, economies and human rights.  Look what just happened in India.  After millenia of  rigid treatment of women, the men who recently caused the death of a woman by gang rape have been arrested for murder.  The U.S. is finally taking a hard look at gun control, as it should.  Those automatic weapons are not necessary in a peaceful society.  Japan has prohibited almost all gun ownership and has only a handful of shooting deaths a year.  Chicago just reached 500 shooting deaths for 2012.

So embrace the energy in your own life and use it.  It is subtle, but it is swift and powerful.  If you want, just experiment with it at first.  If you don’t already, meditate a bit each day.  Make contact with your core being.  Work with an intention in your life by flowing your energy to it.  And then see how long before it manifests in your life.  Everything is energy, everything is frequency.  Now your job is to calibrate your frequency with the love and light flooding the planet.

When you wake up in the morning and give thanks for another day, give a thought to how you can make the world a better place.  Even if you just carry the light in your being throughout the day, no matter where you go, that is very powerful. Play with it and enjoy it.  Flow it out while you are in line at the store.  Flow it to crying babies and barking dogs.  Send it to the most problematic person in your life.  But do it.  Because the rehearsal is over and it is SHOWTIME!

If you don’t believe a word I say, that’s ok, too.  But take a look at some quantum physics, and it may give you pause.  Incredible research is proving that we create our reality and that our world is really a malleable matrix that is just waiting for our input.  It is proof of something I need no proof of, but that I feel in my soul.  So jump on board and start shaping a new life on our gorgeous planet – you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  And I guarantee, that when you start to see glimpses of the new energy in your life, you’ll start to understand the extraordinary opportunity we have been given.  My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, gives many ways to work with the energy and make it a part of your life.  You can read sample pages on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Ready-Not-Here-Comes-incredibly/dp/0984695206/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357057007&sr=1-1&keywords=chris+sausser, or order it at your local bookstore.

I have mentioned that lately pyramids are being found around the planet, indicating a much earlier history than we have imagined.  Listen to Nassim Haramein talk about the pyramid at Giza and you will have some real food for thought,  http://thecosmictraveler.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/nassim-haramein-ancient-civilizations/.  And I have seen so many reports of sightings of UFOs lately.  Interesting.  So embrace the shift, embrace the energy, embrace this new year.  Close your eyes and visualize the tremendous energy and light impacting the planet and take it in through your crown chakra and fill your body with it and see yourself as the beautiful being of light that you really are beyond this third dimensional matrix.

Embrace it, live it, love it!