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trancendanceI believe certain popular films and music make their way into our consciousness to awaken us or shift us.  I have seen this over decades and see it right now with the song Let It Go from the most popular animated film ever, Frozen.  The song is so popular, it’s being sung in 25 languages by artists around the world.  The universe, God, source is not asking us, it’s telling us to let go.  To let go of the past, whatever anger, resentment, guilt, doubt and sadness we are carrying in our so very heavy personal baggage.  LET IT GO.  Such a perfect message.  We have shifted into a higher dimension, energy and frequency.  We need to let go of the dross, the density and move to a higher vibration of love and light and we will find a new way of being.

So many things are happening energetically right now. The equinox was a powerful portal and asked for balance.  This most recent new moon in Aries on March 30, provided energy for initiative and new beginnings.  This month of April we will have a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, and a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 29.  Tremendous energy is fomenting right now.  The eclipse energy has already begun to manifest in recent events on the world stage and in personal lives.  Eclipses are people-movers.  Born, die, sick, well, get a job, lose a job, fall in love, break up, move away.  If it is aspecting your natal chart, I am sure you feel it already and don’t quite know what to think about that buzzy energy in your life and how quickly time has been flowing.  The Lunar Eclipse is in Libra and so many people are going to fall deeply in love, and others are going to either get real in their relationship or to Let It Go. As above so below.  It will also affect the world stage and diplomacy between countries.

Apart from those very potent cosmic happenings, there have been lots of solar flares and a huge one this past Saturday that knocked out radio around the planet for a short while.  If it does that to the radio, what do you think it does to you?  Albert Einstein was one of the first to note, that any energy coming into the planet affects us – it affects our brain, nervous system and cells, being the electromagnetic beings that we are.  Maybe you couldn’t sleep, felt anxious or on the other hand, wanted to go out and climb a mountain.  Different people experience it differently.  Astrologically, we will experience a Grand Cross exact on April 23, including Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars, opposing each other, creating challenges between each other.  Once again watch the world stage for big news.  It’s another push to LET IT GO and transform.  If you understand the process it will make it much easier for you to lean into the flow instead of fighting the current.  It all comes with love from prime creator to move us to our most beautiful and transcendant beingness.  Don’t fight it, LET IT GO.

If you watch the news right now, you can see the energy in action.  First Putin hosts the Olympics at the cost of 51 billion dollars – international friendship, then he invades Crimea.  There has been an ebola outbreak in Liberia and it’s been said we could be facing an epidemic.  The death rate with ebola is 90%.  Sixty Minutes reported that the stock market is rigged. Large stock traders have spent huge sums of money so their online trading can be a fraction of a second faster than regular traders and thus they rig the market and make millions on the backs of normal people.  Obscene greed.  But eclipses bring the hidden to light and call for reform.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they find out the fate of the missing Malaysian airliner around one of the eclipses.  Japan wants to dump all its radioactive water in the ocean at great harm to the rest of the planet.  Lunacy, but it won’t be changed until we speak up –  until we use quantum consciousness and visualize the healing of the Fukushima Daichi radiation.  Then there’s news that researchers are suspecting that the loss of 90% of the species of the planet eons ago was not due to a cataclysmic event, but microbes.  In Paris, they have elected their first woman mayor –  sign of the times – the Divine Feminine returns to the planet and not a moment too soon.  Volcanoes have become active and  there have been some sizeable earthquakes which you can see at http://www.earthquaketrack.com. If there is any doubt in your mind about this energetic time we are traversing, look at your own life.  I’m sure you are feeling every bit of it.

So what’s a boy or girl to do?  Remain calm and breathe deep.  Don’t go into fear.  It’s like we have a big cosmic toothache and we are afraid to have the tooth pulled, but as soon as we Let It Go we will feel so much better, healthier and ready to rock.  So holy Nellie, hang on to your hats – April will be a wild ride, kinda like Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride in Disneyland, only in this one, you can’t get off.  Breathe in through your nose deeply and out through your mouth.  Go into a peaceful place and see positive transformation in your life and in that of the planet.  Hold that vision, anchor the energy coming into the planet and be a beacon.  Quantum consciousness will transform the planet and you are here to do that.

coolgraphic.orgIf you would like some insight into your life right now, I do natal charts for $40.  For $10 I will tell you if the eclipses are aspecting your chart and how, starsong@prodigy.net.mx .   My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES is a crash course to the shift in consciousness, with sample chapters available at Amazon.  Be open to change, clean your closets, improve your health, let go of someone or something and especially of the past which no longer serves you and you will be a vehicle of planetary transformation.  LET IT GO !  We are a transcendant force of love and light.  Spread it generously and remember to



First illustration by Daniel B.Holeman, second by http://www.coolgraphic.org






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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben April 2, 2014 at 7:11p04 #

    Great stuff Chris! I appreciate your insight and passion!

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