16 Feb

awaken visionEnergy continues to pummel the planet.  Check it out on  There have been many solar flares in the last couple of weeks.  That energy fuels evolution and brings up the light quotient in our bodies.  Remember that our DNA emits light at a very low level, not visible to the naked eye. German researcher Fritz Albert Popp discovered that slow light waves, soliton waves, constantly circulate in DNA, allowing for the sending and receiving of information.  It’s like we’re walking computers.  But the most important fact is that we are LIGHT!  And the more light that comes into the planet via the photons released from the solar flares, the brighter we burn.  It’s part of the plan of God, Source, prime Creator, the Universe – whatever name you want to give to our higher power, to move us to a more brilliant version of ourselves.  You know what I’m talking about – that part of us that is linked to infinity and the highest power of the universe.  We were never meant to stay where we are now.  We were always meant to evolve to a more perfect expression of love and light.  There are many on the planet that are already there, or at least on their way.  Many have yet to acknowledge the light streaming in.  It is a process of awareness.  And no one can force another to awaken or rush it along.  Everyone must go at their own pace.  But Lightworkers can carry the Light, shine it as they live their lives and create an environment to support awakening.

One hundred million people around the planet watched the Superbowl.  Billions were spent on the whole thing, and Americans ate a billion chicken wings.  Astounding.  A brutal game, where participants risk paralysis or brain damage, and spend the entire time in a heated physical struggle is worshipped in the United States.  Of course, I am criticizing a golden cow.  But if you were off-planet looking in, it would seem a barbaric ritual.  If you could engage one hundred million people on the quantum level – take a look at quantum physics – you could change so many things on the planet.  Consciousness would leap, a greater coherence would be created.  We could trigger transformation and create peace.  We need to think in a different way.  In a similar vein, the Winter Olympics right now cost 51 billion dollars!   All that money could be used to help other countries around the world, to build one hospital, school and solar energy plant in every third world country.

One of the things that is total MADNESS, is that Japan’s Fukushima will end the planet with its radioactive emissions and no one knows and those who do know, don’t seem to care.  It is being carefully covered up for myriad reasons.  So as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the world fiddles while the planet burns from radiation, and eventually we all get cancer and die.  If you need proof, do some research.  Take a look at nuclear watchdog Harvey Wasserman’s list about Fukushima,  We won’t get it until our hair starts falling out in handfuls.

What is necessary is an international response to Fukushima.  It stopped being a Japanese problem as soon as fallout left Japanese air space and as soon as the Pacific Ocean became its dumping ground.  It became a planetary problem and needs the best and brightest minds of the planet to address the problem as soon as possible.  Much of society is so wrapped up in the fantasies of sports, entertainment, fashion and other interests, that real issues are buried.  All those interests are fun and engaging, but an equal amount of time has to be invested in our survival as the human race.  Take a look at my fundraiser with Monique El.  We want to be a hellraiser with our fundraiser so we can raise awareness and provide solutions before it’s too late.

We are at a crossroads in our evolution.  We can recognize our power as incredible LIGHT beings by tapping into our core, our soul and living from a higher perspective in every moment.  Nelson Mandela Be love, be light in every moment.  Send prayers and healing to Fukushima.  We can do quantum work with Fukushima – every bit as important as the work the scientists do.  Live from your heart,  live compassion.  It’s that,  or we will go down a path of no return, where we have destroyed the planet and squandered her natural resources.  Then people will say,  ‘why didn’t anybody tell me?’

You can find sample chapters of my book READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES at  Amazon , full of information for personal and planetary transformation.  I do natal charts with transits and progressions for $40, explaining the energies present in your life and providing insight for your path.  It includes a full year’s outlook.  Contact me at   Please be in the moment and use your energy to heal the planet.  The more you do it, the more it will become your default way of being. get out there and shine But whatever you do, remember to



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