20 Dec

P1030053The Winter Solstice is tomorrow.  It will be the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the southern hemisphere.  It is also an energy portal which brings high frequency energy into the planet.  Our whole year has been filled with energy, creating change for the planet and in our personal lives.  Just think how far you have come in the past year and the issues that have emerged in your life.  As this is a time of an evolutionary leap, it isn’t always comfortable, but is is necessary and productive.

Solar flares have continued and it was about three weeks ago when seven, yes seven, volcanoes all erupted in different countries around the globe within HOURS of each other.  What better message to remind us that we are in a transformational period?  I think one of the most important lessons was the reminder at Nelson Mandela’s passing, that he forgave those who imprisoned him and left both his anger and bitterness behind those prison walls once he walked free.  Can we take that to heart and forgive the petty grievances we have with family, friends, neighbors and strangers on the street?  Can we forgive pedophiles, shooters and rapists?  Because that’s what it takes.  In order to embrace the love in this season celebrating the birth of Christ, we need to BE unconditional love.  So simple, yet so difficult when it comes to loving the unlovable.  Opening your heart can be so painful, but once it’s open, the rewards are staggering, filling you with love and light.  Take any opportunity to be of service to the planet or your family or anyone else that crosses your path.

Right now just soak up the love and light streaming from the heart of the galaxy and carry it in your being and send it out to the world.  Every last drop of light and love is important to ground the fifth dimensional way of being onto the planet.  We are already there, we just have to start living it.  I have been reading much about Fukushima and it is a tragedy that is being hidden from us.  Ocean radiation is now reaching the California coastline and tuna taken from the ocean there is highly radiated.  Because man ignored the risks of a dangerous fault line and constructed nuclear reactors there, the planet is threatened with doomsday and no one knows about it because the government and media cover it up and everyone sails on with a false sense of safety and dreams of big screen tvs.  I urge you to research the nuclear damage from Fukushima.  Right now they are extracting the fuel rods and if there is any error whatsoever, they say we will have to evacuate North America.  Where exactly will North America go?  South America?  And how will that work out?

I have followed Tom Kenyon for several years.  He channels the Hathors, high frequency entities who are monitoring our shift in consciousness.  I resonate with the information and feel it is most valuable.  The Hathors have shared a sound meditation with Tom Kenyon that is 3.5 minutes long.  They say that it will take decades to recover from the Fukushima radiation.  They ask dedicated individuals to start doing the meditation on a daily basis and make it part of their life.  We are moving into a quantum dimension and must start living it as well.  Their meditation will allow us to create a quantum field effect where solutions can be accessed and we can affect the outcome.  I cannot urge you enough to go to his site, please click here to listen, click on Hathors and then Fukushima to read the entire explanation.  I am not an alarmist, I am not a nut.  I dedícate myself to obtaining the most important information for our continuing evolution.  Fukushima was a tragedy glossed over by the news.  It’s real, it’s dangerous and we all need to be a part of the healing.

Recently I was blessed to meet Monique El, a SCIO quantum biofeedback healer.  In my book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES,  I talk about the SCIO system as energy healing that is the future, now.  A friend of a friend was doing SCIO healings.  It came up that the young man she was treating had broken facial bones.  This was not the case and she was surprised, as the SCIO had not been wrong before.  Six months later the young man was in a car accident and shattered his facial bones.  Being quantum, the SCIO operates outside of three dimensional reality and linear time.  It had detected the broken bones because it tapped into past, present and future.  Find out more about Monique’s healing system at  It can be done long distance, because, as you know, quantum is outside of time and space.

I do natal charts with transits/progressions to assist you with understanding the energy in your life.  Astrology does not make decisions for you, but it helps you to make informed decisions.  A chart with transits is $40. It makes a great Christmas present for yourself or family and friends as it gives a clear picture of the energies coming up in 2014. Contact me at  Sample pages of my book are available at Amazon.  My book is available on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords and now on Amazon Europe.

Enjoy the holidays to the max by connecting in very loving and down-to-earth ways.  Enjoy your family, friends, good food, fun, dancing, laughing and carry that vibration with you to illuminate the world with light and love.  We are here to shine our light and unleash our soul.  Remember to



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