17 Nov

love and lightIn the past two weeks before this one, there was a solar flare almost every day, and many of them were class X, the most powerful . Tremendous energy was pouring into the planet, but nary a word was said.  It is not the stuff of our 3D world, so it isn’t reported on CNN.  It is part of the evolution we are experiencing within our true selves.  And if you look back to the news, you’ll remember shootings and other intense, inexplicable incidents.  We also had the solar eclipse November 3 in Scorpio, a water sign.  Not long after came the horrific typhoon which tragically battered the Phillipines.  There have also been increased earthquakes which the media is loathe to report.  Six corporations own 90% of the media in the U.S., compared to 1983 when there were 50.  What we see and hear is under tight control.  The government/media doesn’t want us to know that we are undergoing a fundamental change in our world.  They want us to stay focused on the task at hand, planning our strategy on how we are going to push away from the Thanksgiving table, leave the dishes and rush out to the Black Friday sales.  We have to be electronically tranquilized with big screen tvs, video games and every type of computer, pad, phone and app.  A child who is kept occupied is kept out of trouble.  The truth is, the planet is undergoing a spectacular transformation and so are we.

If we pay attention to what is really going on around us, we can tap into the transformative energy.  It is here to remind us that we are all ONE, that LOVE is all.  And we are here in service to the planet and one another.  I think that is lost in the pushing and shoving at the Black Friday sales.  It’s more like Thanksgiving Day, I am so grateful, but get outta my way on Friday morning. The answer is to tap into our soul, that lovely, brilliant light that animates our body, our temporary housing during our sojourn on this beautiful planet.  Right now we have the chance to transmute fear and negativity and absorb the light and love streaming from the heart of our galaxy.  And if you think I am making that up, check the NASA website which documented the energy surge coming from the center of the galaxy. Scientists know this.  It just doesn’t get any publicity.  Hmmm, I wonder why? Quantum physics proves that our thoughts create reality, that where attention goes, energy flows.  So let’s use it.  Turn off all your devices for at least a few minutes a day, so you can connect with your true being and the magnificence of creation.  It’s all there, just waiting to be noticed.  Put your hand on your heart and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Keep doing it until you are more centered in your being than you are in our third dimensional reality.  And just experience that energy. If you’d like, visualize the change you wish to see. Imagine tremendous aid spreading throughout the Phillipines and its population being healed and restored.  See the planet being returned to a state of health and balance.  Imagine the changes you want in your personal life.  The powers that be know all the esoteric information about what’s happening right now. They have known for a long time.  That’s why they are hedging their bets and have built underground tunnels all around the planet, so that when disasters occur, they will be safely tucked away below.  But what they don’t know, is that millions of people around the planet have raised their frequencies and are embodying light and love and creating great change.  Of course you don’t hear about it – remember, they control the media.

Just know that the most important thing you can do is to awake with gratitude and love and carry that throughout the day.  Be of service in any way you can, even in the smallest way.  All that love exponentially affects all beings and the planet herself.  Those trying to manipulate the course of mankind may have their tunnels and their media control, but they don’t have what matters most, love.  Love moves mountains.  So stay out of fear and stay centered in love and light.  Prime creator has relentlessly sent us light through the solar flares. Use it, be it, shine it. Blessings.



3 Responses to “RELENTLESS”

  1. sesamechi November 17, 2013 at 7:11p11 #

    thanks for the post! you are truly giving people information they might get any other way. LIKE us on Facebook

  2. Birgitta November 20, 2013 at 7:11p11 #

    I love your last paragraph. So inspiring and positive. Thank you!

    • Ready Or Not Here It Comes November 20, 2013 at 7:11p11 #

      Hi Birgitta- I am glad my blog moved you.  I wish I had a bigger audience.  I love watchingeverything going on with your family.  The girls are lovely and so smart and talented.  I remember when we were thereand they were so tiny and they were serving us pretend things from their restaurant.  Do you remember? Thanks for the birthday card, I actually got it a little over two weeks after you sent it!  It’s beautiful and I didn’t have it already.I didn’t thank you before because my desktop computer is down and I don’t have any addresses in my mini laptop. Things are still really tight for me, the house hasn’t sold yet.  Please say a prayer it sells soon. Say hi to Marc, I don’t know if your girls remember me and Alyssa.  I won’t have the $$ for Alyssa to go to college until the house sells.  So she got a job at Vallarta Adventure.  She takes photos of people swimming with the dolphins. She loves her job.  If they don’t have many people, they tell her to jump in to keep the dolphins active.  One day she did the extreme swim.  You don’t wear a life jacket, just snorkel mask and fins.  You hang onto the dolphin fins and they take you 20 feet down and under the water. She said she felt like a mermaid. I am glad your parents are ok.  Say hi to your mom for me.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and can’t wait to sell the house so I can go to Chicago. I haven’t been in over three years. lots of love chris   

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