16 Oct

P1040484 125251125Right now, energy is streaming into the planet. There have been several coronal mass ejections, solar flares, over the last week. Possibly you have felt stressed, drained, energized or have had headaches and other symptoms.  Friday brings a full moon lunar eclipse and November 1, Uranus and Pluto square off.  Then there’s a new moon solar eclipse November 3.  So, like the title says, you can run, but you can’t hide.   Einstein recognized that energies coming into the planet affect us as the electromagnetic beings that we are.  The energy is not positive, it’s not negative, it just is.  If we embrace it and use it as the transformational agent of the universe that it is, we can change our life and the life of the planet as well.  If we deny it or resist it, well, let’s just say things may be challenging.  The energy is moving us to our highest expression.  It may also strip away facades that we have carried for a lifetime.  Whatever is no longer relevant to your life may leave, be it a job, a relationship or whatever else may define you.  With the changes happening now, know that they are triggering our evolution to a pure and divine expression.

Yesterday there was a 7.2 earthquake in the Philippines.  As I live on the Mexican Pacific coast, I am straight across from that energy.  Last night, I was not surprised, almost expecting it, when an earthquake violently shook my bed. It was mere seconds, but the power was undeniable.  If you have never experienced an earthquake, let me tell you that it immediately puts life into perspective – it’s so sudden,  so powerful,  there  is no denying the force of the universe.  Solar flares can trigger earth movements and so can planetary alignments. Uranus square Pluto can indicate sudden, unexpected earth movements, volcanoes and violence.  It can also indicate rebellion against control and manipulation, exactly what we see playing out in the petty games in Washington D.C.  But it can also be the phoenix rising from the flames, bringing illumination and transformation.  So take the opportunity to voluntarily change your life to a higher expression, to focus on what is really important.  Be the divine being of light that is your soul and that fuels your expression in this third dimensional reality.

Our solar system is moving into a powerful area of our galaxy, another push in our shift in consciousness.  There is a black hole folding in on itself in a sector called Sagittarius A.  A huge plasma cloud is being pulled into the black hole. Some researchers say that when the plasma completely enters the black hole, that the heat will be so intense that a huge wave of energy will be released which will ultimately reach the earth and activate the pineal glands of all humanity. It will trigger a wave of enlightenment.  Watch this video and see what you think:

Whatever you believe, you can’t deny the world is changing in profound ways. So what do you do?  Change with it. Do you want to know why you are here? You chose to be. You chose to be part of this transition to a higher light. So tap into who you are at your core and carry the brilliance of your light throughout your daily life, no matter what else you do.  Through resonance, you will assist those around you and even the planet herself.  Be of service whenever you can.  That’s why you’re here.  We’re not here to play video games and watch giant tvs, although if you can squeeze that in too, it’s ok. Just close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do it until you are one with your core being. And then you will know what to do.  Hang on to your hat – the energy is powerful. Much love to you.

My book READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES is available on Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords.  It is a crash course to the shift in consciousness with tips for you and the planet.  But whatever you do



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