19 Aug

love-and-light-inevitableAs we are the universe expressing itself in infinite ways, we are co-creating reality.  Remember that we are part of this holographic reality as explained by quantum physics.  The shift has occured and we just need to start thinking differently which will create new neural pathways.  Then we will start acting differently.  Maybe you think it’s business as usual, but tap into what’s happening in the world, take its pulse and you realize that change is here.  Around the world earthquakes are shaking people awake and sinkholes are grabbing attention, to say nothing of volcanoes and extreme weather.  If you dig deeper than the headlines, you’ll find that grassroots groups around the world are creating positive change through love and vision.  Some changes come through large organizations, but most come from open hearts at the community level.  My heart sings with joy when I read or hear about so much transformation.

Maybe you read that 300 tons of radioactive water a day is being dumped into the Paciific Ocean from the nuclear reactors damaged in the Japanese earthquake from two years ago.  People’s reactions that I have read go along the lines of woe is me, I have to get some iodine tablets.  In this new dimension and expression we are in right now, nothing could be further from what we should be doing.  Every single thing in creation is energy and every single thing is consciousness.  We are part of this incredible cosmic soup called life.  We ARE the radiation.  Everything is one, everything is birthed from the love/light of the universe, God, prime creator.  So, as our thoughts create reality, our thoughts also create the solution.  Communicate with the radiation.  Go into meditation or at least a thoughtful, quiet space and link up with that powerful energy and send love.  Thank it for its help in providing energy for the planet.  Explain that it is very harmful for us at this time and ask it to reduce its powerful frequency. Send love and gratitude.  If a large number of us do this on a daily basis, what a change we can create !  This is the paradigm shift, this is our evolution into lightbeings, both our gift and our responsibility.  Send love to Egypt and Syria, to every soul yearning for justice and peace. Do it every day.  Make time in your day to tap into the new reality.  Pry yourself away from the tv or texting and meditate, even for minutes a day.  You will start to feel the light and energy moving within and you will be drawn to your core being – how delicious.  How wonderful to be connected with the life force of every being on the planet, from every other human being no matter where and every creature in the sea, animal in the forest, all botanical species and every rock in the desert and gem within the earth.  Don’t forget our beautiful, loving planet, from which all life springs.  Don’t forget the stars and galaxies – awesome.  So stick your toe into the water of our new being and give it a try.

Incredibly, we are going to experience another Grand Sextile on August 25.  After waiting 80 years for one, we experience another Star of David within a month.  It’s not a coincidence.  It’s more opportunity and flow, a portal of energy to thrust us into the new way of being.  The Grand Trine energy from earlier this year continues through the end of the year.  It’s also not a coincidence that the sun will flip its magnetic field within the next three to four months.  It happens every 11 years and will also accelerate our transforming consciousness.  Recently there have been solar winds and solar flares, all part of the grand plan.  Coming soon is the ISON comet which should be visible to the naked eye during the fall.   I remember going on an evening boat trip during a new moon while comet Hale-Bopp was passing.  The sky should have been black, but there was a beam of light shining down on the ocean almost like the moon.  I think we can expect that from ISON.  It’s  part of the energy ramping up and soaring through our lives –  exponential and faster and faster.

So much is happening and there are so many things to tap into.  Peace troubadour, James Twyman,  has created the ‘Group of 100,000.’  You can register and become part of the group to join in Quantum Prayer to assist peace around the planet.  Join at  Within the last week, James held a prayer session for both Syria and Egypt and will continue with other locations.

Connect with wisdom keepers starting this week via blog and radio at   The hosts of Other World Radio and Earth Wisdom Radio, Sandra Sabatini, Karen Patrick and Antara Davis are traveling through the Southwest/Pacific areas of the country to connect with high frequency Wisdom Keepers sharing knowledge tuned into the shift.  Join their road trip from the Arizona red rock to the coast.

There are so many incredible Lightworkers on the planet right now.  The book, Keys to Soul Evolution by Jill Mara, says, ‘The entire health field will change its focus from physical remedies and intrusive medicines, to that of energy frequency healing as it relates to the mind, spirit and body connection.’  The future is here now, and it’s embodied in Mas Sajady,  a healer who works with energy frequencies in your spiritual blueprint.  I have been following him for about two years after hearing him on a teleseminar.  I don’t usually ‘feel’ things, but I definitely have strong third eye activation whenever I listen in on one of his meditations.  My sister had a session with him at the beginning of August and has felt better and better as time passes.  Find out more at  Follow him on Facebook and you will be notified when he is on a show so you can experience his energy.

Remember that I do natal charts/transits for $40, which can assist with clarity in the unfolding of your life.  September 26-29 is my STEP INTO THE LIGHT workshop here in Puerto Vallarta at the Velas Vallartavelas-big Hotel , workshop centers on what’s happening now, why and how we can respond to create a beautiful planet and be our true selves – light, love, soul, or whatever you name our true inner being.  Basically, it’s a crash course on everything I have learned in the past 35 years.  It will empower each person to come into their own and assist with the shift in consciousness.  This gorgeous place on the planet is filled with tremendous energy.  The price is $195 for the workshop and the five star hotel is $120 per person per night/double,  $150 single,  including food,drinks,taxes and the third night FREE!  Service is excellent with really good food and a gourmet restaurant, two pools connected by a river, koi ponds, waterfalls and peacocks and iguanas roaming the property.  Contact me at My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, is available on Amazon/Kindle/Smashwords and has 49 short chapters to assist you with the energy and personal and planetary transformation. See sample chapters at   But whatever you do, remember to


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