23 Jul

NEW_EARTH_7With high energy running through the planet, it’s easy to lose equilibrium and think everything’s going to hell in a handbasket.  Actually, we have shifted and all the dramas we are experiencing and the weird symptoms are only the clearing, cleansing and letting go of the past.  Apart from the planetary energies affecting us, there have been numerous solar flares.  If you don’t believe me, check the NASA website or  Then research further and find that more than half a century ago, Einstein – remember him – said that those energies affect our human bodies.  They affect our brains, nervous systems and cells.  It’s because we are experiencing a shift in consciousness and nothing less than the evolution of humanity.  And though we have been taught that evolution takes eons, this evolution is happening lightning fast.  So many researchers are finding that our brains are creating new neural pathways.  This is where the change comes in.  When I went to a lecture by Ac Tah, a Mayan Walker here in Mexico, he said it had been passed down orally generation to generation that our brains were going to change.  Can you imagine?  It blew my mind that this information was well known in the indigenous culture.  So you can go gracefully into this new era of humanity, or you can go kicking and screaming.  Kicking and screaming is definitely going to be harder.

I see lots of emphasis placed on the Illuminati, the cabal, corporate and government conspiracies and on and on.  It encompasses exposing them and fighting them at every level. I believe in all those things, but they are losing their power on a daily basis.  What those well-intentioned people don’t get, is that it’s over.  We are moving from third dimension duality to the fourth and fifth dimensions where quantum reigns.   So many people on this gorgeous planet are turning to the light whether in a conscious new age way, or just being inspired in their everyday life to be and think a bit differently.  And that’s all it takes.  The struggle is over.  Our thoughts create reality, so let’s allow our minds and spirits do the heavy lifting.  Once again, if you don’t believe me, take a course in quantum physics, or at least read a book.  A new book,  E Squared by Pam Grout,  has nine easy experiments that you, yes you, can do to prove that your thoughts create reality.  Wayne Dyer read it and liked it so much, he ordered a case to give out to his family and friends.  So as the ancients used their minds to move those huge many-tonned stones to build the pyramids, so we can use our minds to craft the kind of planet we want to live on and create  change in the systems that run our world.

Once we start to think differently, those neural pathways are going to become super highways and everything will become much easier.  Don’t forget that meditation helps the whole process, even if you just do it a bit a day.  Start visualizing the government running smoothly and creating positive change in all sectors.  Visualize peace in Syria, that the old guard steps down and lets the people return to peace.  See the same for Egypt.  Do it in your own life.  The energy is changing, so use it to positive ends.  The energy both within the planet and coming into the planet is powerful, so yes, there will be tectonic movements and severe weather.  But we can center ourselves within our soul, the core of our being and shine our light to create the most benevolent outcome in any situation.  On a daily basis, send healing love and light to the core of the planet with the intention to release negativity and pressure with ease and grace, always with ease and grace.  Especially send the energy to the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean and the great calderas, volcanic bowls, around the planet.  Yes, we will still have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but how much better to have several small quakes than a huge cataclysm or several spouts from a volcano in place of a huge eruption. You, yes you, can make a difference.  And you don’t have to climb a volcano and do a voodoo ceremony.  All you have to do is meditate on gentle earth changes when you first wake up in the morning.  See, not so hard! 

So the most difficult thing right now is wrapping your head around what’s happening and just going with the flow.  Our ego mind wants to make a mountain out of a molehill and a disaster out of every potential.  So embrace the energy.  It’s like learning to rollerskate.  At first you fall a lot and are really scared.  Then little by little you gain your balance until it’s fun and you are flying on those wheels.  Start using the energy until you feel comfortable and then gloriously alive.  Many of us are experiencing so many financial or health challenges right now.  But the energy doesn’t cost anything.  All you have to do is sit and breathe.  Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose so deeply that your stomach sticks out in a most unflattering manner, and then gently release it through your mouth.  Do it enough times and you will find that sacred place within you where all things are possible – just a few minutes a day, more if you’d like.  You will begin to get going on those ‘cosmic rollerskates’ until you are flying through life and creating positive change wherever you go.  When you hold a high frequency or vibration and go about your daily life, resonance holds that you bring everyone else up to your frequency just by being in their space.  So that’s the bus driver, people on the bus, the dry cleaner, the cashier, your family and everyone you pass on the street.  Did you know that the heart has a tremendously more powerful energy field than the brain that extends out about eight feet around you?  So when you go out in the world you connect with other people whether you like it or not.

We have been experiencing a Grand Water Trine for about a month now.  Astrologically, three, now four, planets have mathematically connected with each other creating flow and opportunity.  Possibly there has been an easing in your life or some opportunities for growth and expansion.  Then July 25 is the last intense manifestation of this energy.  But something even greater is coming July 29, a Grand Sextile.  A Grand Sextile is rare and creates opportunity for great change.  There was one in early 1945, and within months, Hitler and Mussolini were dead, World War II ended and the plan was on to rebuild Europe.  The sextile is the combination of two trines.  So it includes the last of the Grand Water Trine including Jupiter/Mars, Saturn and Neptune and the new, briefly formed Earth Trine of the Moon, Venus and Pluto.  It’s TRANSFORMATION in capital letters.  The planets are all feminine, and point to the fact that the Divine Feminine is anchoring on the planet.  It’s about time that this loving, nurturing, birthing energy becomes prevalent on our strife-ridden Spaceship Earth as Buckminster Fuller used to say.  The Grand Sextile is the combination of two triangles, creating a Star of David, or merkaba in sacred geometry.  A merkaba is our light body.  The bottom triangle is matter from our three dimensional world, and the top triangle is our divine self and connection.  What a stunning astrological sign.  It is for one day only and creates flow, energy and opportunity.  Be very aware what comes into your life right before, during and after the sextile.  Meditate, visualize and flow that energy around the planet that day.  If you want to create a small,  six-point grid with crystals, flowers or whatever you would like, it will assist you to anchor the energy in your life and on the planet.  The universe is inviting you to its party!

For anyone confused about the energy and whatever their religion might be, it all comes from God.  He’s the one who created the planets and set everything in motion.  So there should be no conflict of interest.  You know that old story, where God tells the guy he’s coming, so the guy goes out and buys treats and fixes up the house.  Then he meets an old man who wants food, and he says no, I’m having a special guest.  And he meets a little boy who wants a drink, and he says, no, I’m having a special guest.  Then an old lady comes to the door and seeks shelter and he says no, I’m having a special guest.  Then he sits and waits, and waits, and waits.  Nothing.  When God finally speaks to him again, the man says, hey, I was waiting for you and you never came.  And God says, yes I did. I was that hungry man, the thirsty boy and the woman seeking shelter.  You refused me.  So don’t refuse prime creator.  You are invited to this energy party and all you have to do is say yes.  Just close your eyes, breathe and then walk through your life with the energy, and love life and everyone in your path.  Because that’s why we are here, to find out that we are all one and everything is love – love is all there is, just like the Beatles said.

Remember that I do natal charts/transits for $40, which can assist with clarity in the unfolding of your life.  September 26-29 is my STEP INTO THE LIGHT workshop here in Puerto Vallarta at the Velas Vallarta Hotel, www.velasvallarta.comvelas-big The workshop centers on what’s happening now, why and how we can respond to create a beautiful planet and be our true selves – light, love, soul, or whatever you want to name our true inner being.  Basically, it’s a crash course on everything I have learned in the past 35 years.  It will empower each person to come into their own and assist with the shift in consciousness,  in this gorgeous place on the planet, filled with tremendous energy.  The price is $195 for the workshop and the five star hotel is $120 per person per night/double,  $150 single,  including food,drinks,taxes and the third night FREE!  Service is excellent with really good food and a gourmet restaurant, two pools connected by a river, koi ponds, waterfalls and peacocks and iguanas roaming the property.  Contact me at My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, is available on Amazon/Kindle/Smashwords and has 49 short chapters to assist you with the energy and personal and planetary transformation.  But whatever you do, remember to




4 Responses to “THE STRUGGLE IS OVER”

  1. A Table in the Sun July 23, 2013 at 7:11p07 #

    What an uplifting post.

    • Ready Or Not Here It Comes July 23, 2013 at 7:11p07 #

      Thank you for the feedback – I am glad the information is resonating with you! Many bright blessings! chris

  2. sunshinespa2000 July 23, 2013 at 7:11p07 #

    Hey, it is excellent, and I am sending it to a few people. Very timely, and that is what we want! You might check the last part, in promoting your seminar, you repeated some of it. No big deal! Luv, Sunshine

    • Ready Or Not Here It Comes July 23, 2013 at 7:11p07 #

      Glad you like it, Sunshine. I am happy it’s hitting its mark. I found the repeat earlier and have since edited it. Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for sharing it! chris

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