22 Jun

36491_488034484571141_568328227_nI feel a definite shift happening over the last couple of weeks.  While I often speak about quantum physics, I have been presented with much information  from quantum healers that begs my attention.  I am signed up for various teleseminars which feature body/mind/spirit guests.  The gamut runs from healers to scientists and reinforces the feeling that we are hurtling to our rendezvous with evolution and the shift in consciousness.  The first experience I had was with Deborah Ariel Pietsch, www.shiftishappeningtv.com.  Deborah works to assist the new paradigm and to create an intentional unified field.  She does activations and just did one for yesterday’s powerful solstice.  I felt the energy via the call to the show she was on and knew she is connected to the energy at work on the planet right now.  I found it interesting.

The next quantum person I encountered was again a guest on a teleseminar, and once more, I felt truly strong energy while she conducted a meditation on the call.  Dr.Kimberly McGeorge, www.secrettoeverything.com, is a multi-talented channeler, connected to Source energy and creating tools to assist people with their frequency.  She works on the quantum level, where, ultimately, everything is created.  By the time I heard Raquel Spencer, www.raquelspencer.com, I knew that spirit had a loud clear message for me.  Raquel works to infuse the body with ‘light as information.’  She toned on the call and the energy actified within my third eye was strong.  So the universe was shaking me out of my own little world and saying wake up, things are ramping up.  Yesterday’s solstice was a portal of energy assisting to sweep away the past and to birth the future, so I paid close attention to what was coming into my life.

Powerful energy is cleansing the planet near and far.  Send light to the people experiencing the horrific flooding in India and Canada, and the earthquakes and tornadoes.  Set the intent that the change is created with ease and grace.  We create our realities and our focus is important.  Another part is information coming to light, like the scandal about the NSA spying via monitoring phone calls.  The energy also moves people to action, like the recent protests and clashes in Turkey and Brazil.

In the next week we are moving into what is astrologically known as the Jupiter Grand Water Trine, with the energy lasting until late July.  A trine is a flow of energy and opportunity.  With major planets involved, this flow of energy will present many gifts if we are centered and present to recognize them. We must be open and receptive.

I found a  book that talks quantum-  E Squared: Nine Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout.  Lots of people are reading it.  And maybe the most amazing thing I came across is the video about the super plasma galactic happening.  Like my book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES, it looks like shift is coming whether we like it or not.  So it seems we should jump on the train and enjoy the ride!  Please take time to see this 18 minute video, so you can mull over all this information I’ve shared and draw your own conclusions,   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klSQzBgFRoY.

Know that the energy is fast and furious (just like the movie!) coming into the planet.  We need to tap into it and respond with love and light from the heart and carry it through our daily lives and use it to send around the planet as needed.  If you are reading this, you are a Lightworker in the trenches and it’s time to step up to why you are here, to assist with the quantum evolution of humanity.

Remember that I do natal charts/transits for $40, which can assist with clarity in the unfolding of your life.  September 26-29 is my STEP INTO THE LIGHT workshop here in Puerto Vallarta at the Velas Vallarta Hotel, www.velasvallarta.com.  The workshop centers on what’s happening now, why and how we can respond to create a beautiful planet and be our true selves, light, love, soul, or whatever you want to name our true inner being.  Basically, it’s a crash course on everything I have learned in the past 35 years.  It will empower each person to come into their own and assist with the shift in consciousness,  in this gorgeous place on the planet, filled with tremendous energy.  The price is $195 for the workshop and the five star hotel is $120 per person per night/double,  $150 single,  including food,drinks,taxes and the third night FREE!  Service is excellent with really good food and a gourmet restaurant, two pools connected by a river, koi ponds, waterfalls and peacocks and iguanas roaming the property.  Contact me at planetarytransformation@gmail.com.velas-big

Whatever you do, do it in service to the planet and the rest of humanity – we are all One.  Shine your light, glow your smile, extend your hand.  And remember to




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