5 Mar

This is my first blog since the beginning of the year. The time has flown and I feel the energy is much lighter than last year, but also much faster, rushing headlong into higher realms.  And look at the changes and events we have seen.  The planet Saturn in Scorpio is revealing truths long hidden.  Lance Armstrong finally admitted his doping.  The pope stepped down amidst rumors from his earlier life.  Just this evening I read his retirement really has to do with taking the fall for the scandals with the Vatican Bank.  You very well may have shifted from the past in your own life. 

It is now the Year of the Water Snake since Chinese New Year.  One more reminder to shed the past like a snake sheds its skin.  Let go of the past to allow transformation into the tremendous light coming into the planet.  The full moon a week ago was conjuncted by the asteroid Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  I found it interesting that a friend that goes to a rehab group said that so many new people showed up at the group on the full moon.  I am sure that they were feeling the call to heal the wound they have been carrying throughout their lives.  Right now six planets are in the sign of Pisces.  The coming new moon is also in Pisces.  The word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Pisces is compassion.  With so many planets in the water sign, I feel we need to express compassion in the world, and most importantly, compassion for ourselves.  Since our thoughts create  our  reality, we must first be clear in our being in order to influence the world in a positive way.  Pisces  feels and easily connects with dreams, intuition and imagery.    So now is a perfect time  to bridge the gap between our third dimensional reality and what is beyond the veil.  There will never be a better time to meditate or to begin meditation in order to access our shift to the next dimension.    It’s also a splendid time to paint, write poetry, see movies or take photos.  Visualize,visualize,visualize. It’s an especially healing time for the planet and all her inhabitants. Now is the time to wade into the flow of energy and become it.  Merge your being with the energy and use your focus and intent to create exactly what you want in life. Imagine you are the flow.  You may have psychic impressions or you may become involved with illusion, even deception.  be in the moment and you will use the Pisces energy wisely.

It is a time of signs.  Look at the meteorite hit on Russia.  Today the news is that 30,000,000 locusts are invading Egypt like the biblical plague and may even go into Israel.  And Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, died today.  I find it is a time like no other.  Change cannot be denied. Many other lightworkers are sharing their knowledge.  Maureen Moss, formerly of The World Puja Network, shared her thoughts on transformation:  Much food for thought can be found at  Online magazine,, also has a wealth of information.  And this month two comets are going to be passing the earth.  They bring with them energy that has been in deep space for eons.  Can you imagine the intensity ?  Many astrologers consider comets wild cards.  Whereas with the usual suspects of planets and asteroids, they are dealing with a known quantity, comets are energy that we just don’t know.  So look forward to an interesting, transformative March.  Wade into the energetic flow and let yourself be transformed. 

My photo is from a weekend trip I recently took to a hotel on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, that is off the grid.  Tosa La Laguna,,  isP1090891 an eco-spa hotel with amazing organic, vegan food and quantum spa treatments. The lake is ringed by three volcanoes.  In Antigua, the colonial city declared a landmark by UNESCO,many of the windows have purple draping on the windows to mark the Lenten period.  On the Friday afternoon that I was there, the people were carrying a lifesize statue of Jesus carrying the cross through the streets.  It was beautiful to see their faith, also a part of the energy we are now experiencing. 

My book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes, contains 49 chapters about the energy and how to incorporate into your life.  Become part of the flow. 

                        STEP INTO THE LIGHT !                                                              



  1. Adriana Calera March 6, 2013 at 7:11p03 #

    Hello, Chris, I agree ..change can not be dined…and is very nice to feel it…..

    love for your life

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