7 Nov

After superstorm Sandy, is there any doubt that the world is changing and that this is a pivotal year for humanity?  If you were waiting for a 2012 cataclysm, well, it happened.   The storm affected the most populous area of the United States.  It affected so many millions on such a fundamental level.  And more important, it showed exactly how fragile our society is.  The lack of electricity created pioneer era conditions.  At the same time, there was a 7.7 earthquake off the coast of western Canada. I read channeled information that says it was a release of pressure in the west and a cleansing in the east.  It is the year of the ‘water’ dragon.

As heartrending as the storm was, I see the silver lining.  All those millions of people couldn’t text, answer their cel phones, watch tv or be on the computer. Holy cow!  They were forced to talk to their families, connect with their neighbors, play board games and  be totally aware of their surroundings.  And they were presented with opportunities to help another.  So many heroes emerged from the storm.  So many times I was brought  to tears by the stories of people that gave their lives for others or took heroic steps for others.  My heart swells with the beauty that lies at the core of humanity.  Unfortunately,  many times it takes dire circumstances to bring forth that aspect.

I write this on the morning after our presidential election.  My focus and intent is that people get the idea that we need to cooperate.  Period.  There is no more time for bickering and hatred.  We can transform our planet,  but we need to be present,  focused and with an open heart.  If we can’t get to that place voluntarily, the universe will be happy to oblige with some other cataclysm which will wake us up, kind of like the movie Moonstruck, when Cher slaps Nicolas Cage and says,  ‘Snap out of it!’

The energy from the cosmos, the solar flares, continues to feed our transformation.  There are two eclipses this month, a solar eclipse November 13 and a lunar eclipse November 28 that up the ante.  This month offers such opportunity for growth and change.  So breathe in and visualize change you wish to see.  Be an active participant in your evolution.  Know that you are one with everything else in creation.  It was a lesson the east coast learned from the storm – we are all together in this, more alike than different.

Love is the secret, the key, the answer.  Simple, but not easy.  You have to love all those Democrats or Republicans that have been annoying you for months now.  Get past it. Turn up your inner flame and let it guide you through your day.  Shine your divinity, your love and light, on the world as you go about your life.  As quantum physics tells us, your thoughts create reality, so be impeccable about what you use your brain matter for.

And you might find, that as the energy ramps up and we draw closer to the winter solstice that you begin to feel different, that the veil is thinning and you feel more in touch with your being than you have ever been before.  That is the future.  Asking us to



2 Responses to “IS THERE ANY DOUBT ?”

  1. adriana calera November 8, 2012 at 7:11p11 #

    Thanks Chris for your blog…a big hug for you

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