7 Oct


We have been designed as creators-in-training
and have arrived here on Earth to discover that
a self-taught on-the-job training course is in process.
The curriculum of the course is to understand all of creation.
The methodology is to study the consequences of the use of free will
and to use the resulting information to redesign the belief systems
we hold until they come into alignment with the intent of creation.
The Creative Priniciple A Cosmology for the 21st Century
~William O Joseph

I haven’t blogged in a while , but I blog when I have something to say.  I usually use my own photos on the blog, but the image above is from a Facebook post from Dawning Golden Crystal Age.  I resonate with the  quote, that we are to co-create life on this planet as we are learning from quantum physics.

But the most important thing occuring now is the energy.  You must feel it! There was a powerful equinox asking us to put our lives in balance.  Pluto has moved forward after six retrograde months.  Saturn has just moved into a two year stay in Scorpio requiring truth and transformation in our lives and on the planet, and oh boy, will we begin to see it in the news.  And that’s nothing to say of the CME, solar flare, last week and the one poised to hit the earth tomorrow.  The tremendous photon energy released affects the energetics of the planet, as well as our brains, nervous systems and cells.  Researchers have detected that nuclear particles have a different decay rate than before, speeding up and radiating more energy.

The cosmos is calling you to align with your divine and to recognize the beautiful spark of divinity you are.   It is calling you to breathe the photons in and breathe the photons out and center in every moment to express the light and love that you are.  Live your everyday life, but with your eternal being. Resurrect the real you that has been pushed and shoved down into the bottom of your being by work, worry, junk food, video games, trash tv and movies and God knows what else.  The sand is running out in the hourglass and we have to be present in the moment to determine the course of our evolution rather than being tossed about like so much flotsam.

I read so many predictions about the end of this year.  Some say that there will be cataclysmic earth movements or that the photon energy will become so intense that our DNA will be affected and mankind will no longer be able to reproduce.  Others say that we are changing on the cellular level to a crystalline vibration and those that do not obtain a high vibration will not be able to survive in the photon energy and will die.  Still others say when the shift to the higher vibration happens, that we will simply change channels like a radio and those with lower vibrations will just not be able to access that channel.

What do I think?  I think the end of the story is not yet written and that’s where we come in.  There are so many lightworkers on the planet right now, so many people who get it and are aligning their tremendous love and light to create the MBO – the most benevolent outcome for the planet.  Be positive, joyous and grateful and your vibration will be off the charts.  Saturn in Scorpio asks us to let go – of the past and that which no longer serves us.  We need to let go of fear, because fear only shuts us down and keeps us from our full potential.  And by design of those who don’t want us to change the matrix, or simply by the circumstances we are living,  fear is everywhere.  So release it, let it go and you will feel your soul soar.

I have been reading a tremendous amount about the huge pyramids (covered with vegetation) being found all over the planet.  The pyramid in Bosnia has been dated to 30,000 years ago.  Who built it and why?  Researchers recently discovered it is emiting a beam of electromagnetic energy with a 13 foot radius.  It looks like the pyramids were a huge energy-producing grid around the planet, some of that free energy that Nicola Tesla tapped into before the powers that be shut it down because they couldn’t own it and charge for it.

I believe they are being discovered now as part of the shift in consciousness. On 12/12/12, an event is being held in Arkansas to power up the huge dormant Atlantean crystals hidden underground before the demise of Atlantis.  Lightworkers from around the planet will assist in the activation of the crystals.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all the pyramids around the globe begin humming with energy at the activation.  Find more details at .

Tom Kenyon has an excellent short, but powerful, meditation channeled by the Hathors and is planning a world meditation in early November.

So what is there to do?  Be present in the moment and visualize the life and planet you want and breathe the energy into that vision.  It is possible, it is necessary and it is the future.  My book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes, offers information and meditations to connect you to the light in so many ways.  Take a look, .  But whatever you do, do it and do it now.  The most important thing is to



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