28 Aug

I am an idealist.  I have always been an idealist, even when I was a small child.  I went to parochial school, so I picked up on the spiritual side of life very early.  When I went to bed at night, I used to pray and bless almost everyone in the world.  I used to imagine that Mr.Clean (from tv commercials fame) would go around the world and clean up and fix ghettos.  In the fifties and early sixties, ghettos were on the evening news a lot, and that’s where I got that idea from.

I remember one suppertime that I created a great uproar when I said that I didn’t understand why all the very rich people in the world didn’t share their money with the poor people so everyone would have something.  My parents started to shout  ‘Are you out of your mind, are you crazy? That’s COMMUNISM!’  Needless to say, I didn’t bring that subject up again and I learned to reserve my opinions.  But lookie here, now everyone can blog and say just what they feel.

I know people love the Olympics, it was the most watched tv show ever in the world.  And the athletes do work hard at their sport.  But I am sorry, I find it divisive.  Oh yes, it brings together the nations of the world and the pageantry is beautiful with the opening and closing ceremonies.   But, it is about COMPETITION.  As I said, it is divisive and pits one country against the other.

Now let me go back to that inner idealist, reserving opinions.  What if we had an Olympics of making the world a better place?  What if we had competitions to see whose team could build clinics and schools fastest in small needy villages around the world?  What if we had competitions to plant fields of food fastest, or train people in occupations fastest?  And just think of the incredibly huge amount of money – billions – that was spent on the Olympics and how that money could have helped so many starving, uneducated villages without clean water to become part of that world that they were watching on the one tv in the village?  I told you I am an idealist.  And I know many of you right now are saying, come on, get real, it’s the Olympics!  And I am saying to you, no, you get real.  Let’s have an Olympics to truly be proud of, which will unite the world in love and joy and healing and progress.  I told you I am an idealist.

Apart from the Olympics, the solar flares have been unrelenting with the photon energy flooding the planet with transformative urgency.  The energy is tremendous and affects our brains, nervous systems and cells.  Astrologer Cayelin Castell wrote an informative piece which gives you a clear view of just how potent the flares are,

And on a note of great mysteries, researcher Sam Osmanagich has discovered the largest pyramid in the world in Bosnia. It is larger than the pyramids in Egypt and has an extensive tunnel system underneath.  They have carbon-dated things from the tunnels at 15,000 and 30,000 years BC.  Listen to his interview with Dr. Meg Losey and you will be amazed. .  There is still much we do not know about our incredible planet and our shared history.

Take advantage of the transformative energy surrounding us.  Every time you stay in the moment is another chance to

                    STEP INTO THE LIGHT !


2 Responses to “THE OLYMPICS …….WHAT IF?”

  1. adriana calera August 28, 2012 at 7:11p08 #

    Hola Chris, estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, la unión en el mundo debería estar enfocada en otros asuntos ..en la Olimpiadas no solo se promueve la competencia mal entendida para mi gusto si no que ademas los atletas en muchas ocasiones pagan un precio muy alto y si no lo creen así solo observen a los chinos

    Aqui habria que detenerse a pensar si realmente era lo que esos niños deseaban….

    Porque siempre tiene que haber uno mas poderoso que otro? porque no podemos vivir en igualdad ?
    Hay suficiente para todos….

    • Ready Or Not Here It Comes August 28, 2012 at 7:11p08 #

      Gracias, Adriana, para leer mi blog y compartir tus ideas. Es nuestra
      responsibilidad a crear un nuevo mundo ! Muchos saludos y bendiciones

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