26 Jun

Guys, there was a solar flare on June 13 and June 14.  That’s a tremendous amount of energy flowing into the planet and blasting your consciousness, whether you know it or not.  But the question is, what are you going to do with it?  It reminds me of  the Untouchables, the  movie with Kevin Costner, where Sean Connery’s character asks Costner about Al Capone, ‘What are you prepared to do?’  Right now we have such an opportunity to create real change in our life and on the planet, but we must show up.  We must be present in every moment and know that what we think, feel and say is so important.  I know I keep beating that drum, but it is vital.  Another biggie is to vanquish fear, ’cause fear is the monkey wrench that shuts down the whole works.  So if you can put down the remote long enough and stop texting, you can stream your attention and energy to a vibrant and healthy future where the planet and all her inhabitants can thrive. 

Which brings me to THRIVE, an incredible movie which I just saw yesterday.  Even though it had been recommended to me several times, its running time of two hours put me off.  I finally watched it yesterday and was kicking myself that I hadn’t seen it when it was first recommended to me.  It is a visionary film, which locks onto the reality we are living right now.  It exposes the bullcrap coming from the corporate/banking world which has a stranglehold on our economy and each one of us, but it also provides solutions and a positive vision for the future.  The two hours you spend watching THRIVE will be an investment in your future and the future of the planet.  We can thrive in spite of all the obstacles created by those who wallow in greed and power.  But we have to be present, awake, aware to take the first step.

Why don’t you make it a happening?  Invite friends over and whip up some pitchers of sangria and some tapas and then invest in your future by watching the film – activism doesn’t have to be boring.  Their website provides opportunities to make our world a better place, www.thrivemovement.com.  You will really be amazed by everything you see in the movie, like how Monsanto has patented seeds and now makes it illegal for farmers around the world to use seeds from their own fields when they want to plant.  How screwed up is that?  And besides that, their GMOs are unnatural and Monsanto swims in toxic chemicals used as pesticides and herbicides.  We have to wake up and say we are not going to accept their garbage anymore.

So invest in your future and the future of your family.  Watch THRIVE.  Maybe you aren’t ready for it, but it will plant a seed.  And if you are ready for it, look out mama!  We can start to change the world. And that ain’t bullcrap!

It’s urgent, watch it today –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVEDwnvwQkM



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