13 Jun

The intense energy has abated a bit since the eclipses and Venus transit.  Now it’s time to use it and continue the transformation process. That’s what the energy is all about, this year of tremendous transformation.  And I bet if you sit down and think about yourself and your life and examine the last several months you will notice a subtle shift, if not an outright 180 turn.

No one promised the shift in consciousness would be easy. The concept is simple enough – raise your vibration high enough to shift yourself and others on the planet.  You do that by being happy, grateful and full of love, love, love. Not complicated, but not easy, either.  How many people around you would you really like to strangle, instead of loving them unconditionally. Yeah, I thought so. But we have to do exactly what the Pink Floyd song says and shine, be the diamond light that we really are.  We are this amazing light being inside and yet we fail to acknowledge it very often.  We get mired in three-dimensional details and lots of fear and misgivings which just shut the light right down.

I have read many things that might occur this year.  One is that the solar storms will increase in strength until they knock out power for six months at a time – around the planet.  Now, think about that for a minute.  With the power grid down for such a long time, there would be no more internet, phone or other types of communication.  Food production would stop, as well as fuel production.  So suddenly we would be home with nowhere to go and quite possibly, nothing to eat.  The ones who would do well would be the survivalists who were preparing for the worst.  I have a friend who says her friend has a remote piece of land where she has been drying food for six months and has a complete room just filled with food in case she needs it. 

In the event of the power grid going down, we would have plenty time to think about things.  We would no longer have our collective nose in a computer, tv or Blackberry.  We would need to look around us and take stock of our lives.  We would need to find a way to survive.  Now, I don’t want that to happen.  I don’t want to live life like that. I haven’t put aside supplies and I don’t have a solar stove.  But I do have my thoughts and my thoughts create reality.  As I have said many times before, quantum physics proves that we actually create this matrix that we are all a part of, using our vibration.  So for me the answer is simple, keep my vibration high and clear, and with focus and intent envision the planet that I want.  If everyone does that and streams love forth from their being, we can create change such as humanity has never seen before.  So do it – before it is too late.  Put down your laptop, your Blackberry, the remote control, and whatever else may be claiming your attention and really connect with the light being that you are and center yourself into a vortex of love and light.  SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!

I wrote my book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes as a crash course to the shift in consciousness.  The following is one of the chapters with a meditation that can be done daily to assist with earth movements, of the fault system and the volcanic system, both very active right now.  You can add the visualization that the earth is able to manage the tremendous photon energy coming in through solar flares and that our power grids stay strong and running.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Rock and Roll

 My sister recently brought me letters that I had written her over 30 years ago.  It was interesting to see where my mind was at the time, and some of the things I don’t even remember.  In one of the letters, I told her I was reading Jeffrey Goodman’s We Are the Earthquake Generation.  I hadn’t thought about that book in ages, but I do remember that it scared the pants off me.  The first earthquake I experienced was a 5.5 quake when I was working in Acapulco in 1981.

I was ready to board the next plane home.  I know that there are small earthquakes all around the globe every day. Author David Wilcock says earthquake and volcanic activity has increased 300% over the last 30 years. It’s the large ones that are worrisome.  I feel that the severe earthquakes we have had around the globe are part of the planetary transition we are experiencing.  The planet is releasing negativity and seeking balance and renewal.

Dabadi Thaayrohyadi, a spiritual leader of the Otomi Toltec indigenous lineage from Central Mexico, is organizing an 8,000 Sacred Drums ceremony in Toluca, Mexico for the spring equinox in March, 2012,  The ceremony is part of a 4,000 year old tradition of his people.  The drums represent the beating heart and 8,000 represents infinity.  When 8,000 drums beat together, an incredibly powerful healing vibration is created for the earth.  Bee colony collapse, drought, mining damage and oil spills cry out for healing.  In 2004, Indian nations gathered at the Yellowstone caldera to prevent an eruption.  The thousands gathered there prayed, chanted, danced, drummed and created ceremony for four days over an area of 400 miles.

Although cataclysmic earth changes have been predicted, I think we have changed the outcome.  Every indication is that enough people have turned to the light to release the need for major disaster.  So many people are awakening and dissolving the density around the planet.  I am not saying there will not be more earthquakes, but I believe that any movement will be less intense.  If you throw a cannonball in water it creates a large displacement of water due to the weight of the metal ball.  If you throw one of those sponge balls into the water, it makes a small splash.  With less density, vibration is less damaging.  And we have a responsibility.  Just as the indigenous tribes take responsibility for ceremony around the planet, we need to take responsibility for our thoughts and intention.  I do the following meditation every day when I walk down to the ocean.  Make it a daily practice and assist the planet with balance.

Center your focus with your breath and visualize the energy streaming to earth from the heart of the galaxy.  Visualize it passing through our sun.  Open your soul star chakra, about 14 inches above your head and take the energy in through the soul star, filling your body with the energy and then grounding and anchoring the energy.  Send it to the molten center of the planet.  As the energy connects with the earth’s center, see a flash of the sparkling white Godlight permeate the entire interior of the planet.  See it pass through the layers of crust, minerals, rivers and caves.  Affirm that the light gently loves and heals the planet.  Affirm that the brilliant light gently releases pressure and negativity with ease and grace – always with ease and grace.  Affirm that the pressure is gently released in the Pacific Ring of Fire, in the New Madrid fault in the center of the United States and all fault lines around the planet.  Affirm that pressure is gently released throughout the volcanic system around the planet, with ease and grace.  Then take that same light and send it to connect with the light grid around the planet, to send light to every being, human being, place, body of water – and see all water pristine – nuclear reactor and radiation around the planet.  Then send the love and light out to the universe.  I visualize my holographic image above the bay for 24 hours, bringing the light in, sending it into the earth’s center, then directing it to the planetary grid and out to the universe.  Gently, with ease and grace.   So be it and so it is.



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