That You May Live in Interesting Times

24 May

ImageI’m sure you have heard the curse – may you live in interesting times.  And that is just what happened to me, my life has been very interesting.  Life had the nerve to intrude upon my blog-writing, until here I am after a long truancy.  My home is for sale, the computer crashed twice and I have a new job.

The most important thing, as always, is the tremendous amount of energy coming into the planet.  About ten days ago I read about a sunspot that was predicted to cause several solar flares.  Remember, every time there is a solar flare, the photon energysubatomic particles of light – increases.  The light is assisting us to reboot our systems and to clear long held patterns of emotional discomfort.  It is the perfect time to look inside and let go.  This past weekend was a new moon solar eclipse.  Here in Vallarta we saw the beginning of the eclipse right before the sun went down over the ocean.  It looked like the water dragon took a big bite.  The energy is strong and rushing headlong into the June 4 lunar eclipse and the transit of Venus to the Sun on June 5. It’s a great time to hold a clear intent and to use the energy to manifest from your creative core. Peel away the built up layers of emotional baggage by looking inward and recognizing what no longer serves your being.  We are tuning to the light and forging ourselves on a higher octave.  All we have to do is recognize that this is what we have been waiting for and be present in every moment to the real truth of life.

Today was the start of the rainy season here and we had a delicious late afternoon shower.  After so long without rain, everything is washing clean and taking on a shine.  There is also Hurricane Bud headed this way, at the moment a category 3.  As that old Chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times.

                                       Step into the light!


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