It’s Time

23 Mar

 The equinox the other day is a signal that time is running and we must be present in our thoughts and actions to anchor the energy streaming into the planet from the heart of the galaxy.  Yesterday I listened to energy worker Jo Dunning on a webinar, the first after her retreat of many months.  She was so clear that now is the moment to act, that once December is here, it will be too late.  Right now humanity is going through an unprecedented  energy ‘upgrade.’   In order to take advantage of it, we must bring our awareness to our life in ways we have never done before.  We must touch the core of our being and tap into our reservoir of light, which is growing by the day.  We must look at the world through new eyes and strain to see what is just beyond the illusion surrounding us.  The veil is thinning and if we only shift our focus we will become aware of our shift from this third dimensional plane.

As always,  joy, gratitude and love move us from density to an incredible lightness of being which will carry us through to the other side.  If only you give it a try, you will perceive a subtle shift which will enable you to draw more and more energy to you.  As you embody more of the light, you will have more opportunities to fulfill your soul contract and you will find that your life flows like a river, with less effort to thrive.

I can’t encourage you enough to go to Jo Dunning’s webpage, and take advantage of her wish program, where she assists your intention with energetic support at no cost.  She is also offering a two hour activation on April 4 which normally costs $135, but which she is sharing for free.  I participated in one of her activations in the past,  very powerful, with the energy palpable over the phone line.  She is donating the energetic work as she feels it is so important for everyone to embrace the tremendous change at hand.  My own book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes,, has 49 chapters dedicated to showing you ways to quickly access the light.  There is not a moment to lose.  The sand is running through the hourglass and it’s time to

                                                  STEP INTO THE LIGHT !


One Response to “It’s Time”

  1. Amina March 30, 2012 at 7:11p03 #

    I wonder …what if we all step into the light.. what if we collectively, sip in the energy upgrade and emit to the world?? I love this article

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