No Coincidence!

8 Mar

My heart is singing today.  My daughter forced me to watch the Kony video last night,, and filled me with hope and joy.  Kony is a madman in Africa who has been abducting children for over a decade, forcing them to kill their parents and using them as sex slaves and child soldiers.  Now there is a campaign to make him known and bring him to justice.  But the best part about it, is that youth is the catalyst.  The Indigo children are growing and making their voice heard.  They are connecting with their hearts to children on the other side of the planet.  That is what 2012 is about. 

It is no coincidence that yesterday there was an enormous solar flare which is sending incredible energy to the planet today during the full moon in Virgo – service to others.  That energy is a catalyst for change, for personal and planetary transformation.  Just as it is illuminating the sky with spectacular northern lights, it is illuminating the world stage and shining the light on cruel Joseph Kony in order that the world knows his crimes.  He can run, but he can’t hide.  The jig is up for him and the only place left for him to go is in some dark cave in the mountains of Uganda.  The video had 5,000,000 hits yesterday and this morning it is up to 26,000,000 hits. This is the energy of 2012.  We have the ability to create change if only we come together in unity consciousness.  I am filled with hope that this is only the beginning.  Be part of it.




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