Can You Feel It?

3 Mar

There’s tremendous energy surging into the planet.  Can you feel it?  If you practice awareness and train your mind on the present moment, you will become aware of the synchronicities unfolding in your life and on the planet.  I am reading James Redfield‘s The Secret Of Shambhala which was written in 1999.  I am amazed that it centers on how our thoughts create reality, the very thing at the heart of my book, Ready Or Not Here It Comes.  Our energetic body is strong and our thoughts align neutrons by creating a coherent field through focus and intent.  Start to work with it a little and you will be amazed how quickly you see results. The more you do it the stronger your ability becomes.

March 20 brings the spring equinox and an opportunity to join with others and the potent energy.  Aluna Joy continues with the Solar Wave, an effortless way to connect with thousands around the planet,  So many Lightworkers are using their gifts to advance planetary evolution into the light. Bring your awareness to the news and use your focus and intent to create change.  Look to Syria and visualize Assad stepping down and the Syrian people taking up the destiny of their country.  See the people free and celebrating and liberated from the horrific violence going on as I write this.  Send them love, light, bravery and solace in their darkest hour.

This is a defining moment. Thousands of years of history have led to this fertile field of coherent energy where we can sow the seeds of change, of a planet transformed with love and pure intent.  There is no more sitting on the fence.  It is time to step up and use the well of our being to create the transformation. Everyone has chosen to be here.  Everyone must participate.  If there are seven billion beings on the planet, then there can be seven billion realities.  But at the source of every one of those realities, is the brilliant light and love of creation.  We are the light.  It is the moment to shine it.

On a pure note of enjoyment – have you seen the alignment of the moon, Venus and Jupiter in the night sky?  I delight in its cosmic beauty, and feel its mystical pull.  It is a reminder to

Step Into the Light!


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