Double Rainbow

13 Feb

I was amazed and delighted to see two double rainbows in a little more than twelve hours.  I felt lucky and wanted to rush out and look for the pot of gold at the end of those rainbows, but I knew that the treasure was really inside me.  More than ever, I feel the tremendous energy surrounding me and I know the importance of being present in every moment and creating from that space.

There was a huge CME, coronal mass ejection or solar flare, on January 22.   The energy traveled to the earth at a million miles an hour.  Can you imagine that?  Have you ever driven at 100 miles per hour? I’ve driven 90 miles per hour many years ago.  Now imagine a million miles an hour.  It disrupted satellites and electronic devices in some places.  Although we can’t see it, it affects our brains, nervous systems and our cells.  If you feel anxious,  stressed or a bit out of sorts, that might be why.  It’s part of the evolutionary process we are experiencing right now.  We can manifest so much quicker than ever before.  I have seen evidence of that in my own life.  So remember to be impeccable in your thoughts and emotions so you are creating the highest good in your life and for the planet.    

Send out love and light to the planet every time you think of it.  Be grateful, happy and loving.  I know I keep saying it, but doing that will literally shift your life.  It will impact those who surround you.   And hang on to the Valentine’s Day feeling for as long as you can.  Flow it around the planet. Send love to Syria and visualize a peaceful change in government there. Just as we can’t see or directly feel the photon energy from the solar flare, nonetheless,  it’s here and affecting our lives.  Time is racing and we need to be present and using our creative fire.  Acknowledge your spirit and the real you inside and you can literally weave a new fabric of the universe.  And there’s not a moment to lose.

                                                   STEP INTO THE LIGHT !



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