Year of the Water Dragon

23 Jan

Happy Chinese New YearYear of the Water Dragon!  In Chinese belief, the dragon is a symbol of power, magic, transformation, and highly revered.  During a dragon year, things are multiplied tenfold.  As it is a water dragon, cleansing will be a prominent theme, as will issues concerning water.

It’s  like the universe has conspired with cycle within cycle to bring up all the cherries on the cosmic slot machine.  Can you hear it?  Ching, ching, ching.  All the energy impacting the planet will create tremendous change in the world and within our lives.  We need to be present and using the energy in a positive manner.  I find it interesting, that according to Michael Harrington in his book,Touched by the Dragon’s Breath-Conversations at Colliding Rivers, indigenous people refer to the photon energy coming into the planet as the long-awaited dragon’s breath.  They knew it was coming.  Now that it’s here, let’s not waste it.  Let’s see the opportunity in every moment to embody the light, the inherent cellular wisdom that is at hand.  The higher that we raise our own vibration, we raise others with resonance. 

I can’t help but repeat what I have said before, to be positive, grateful and joyful.  Look for miracles, expect miracles and create miracles.  Quantum physics says it’s possible.  So tap into who you really are at your core being and make it happen.  Remember, as the Hopi say, we are the ones we have been waiting for.  Check out the link for the way the universe really works and then line up some waves, particles and neutrons to create your miracle.



One Response to “Year of the Water Dragon”

  1. The Background Story January 23, 2012 at 7:11p01 #

    Look for miracles, expect miracles and create miracles.
    –I will 🙂

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