Step Into The Light!

16 Jan

I can feel the energy since the beginning of the year.  In everything I read or listen to on a daily basis, it is said that we can manifest much quicker than ever before.  So be careful of what you wish for, as they say.  Look to every moment as a way to change the world, and your daily existence.  Be full of love.  Make a decision to hold love in your being as you walk out the door in the morning.  For everyone.  For everything.  You will feel a difference in your day.

So many years ago, it was difficult to find anything of a spiritual nature.  But today, there is a bonanza of information and inspiration and ways to help the planet. So many Lightworkers are sharing their being with the world.  Gillian Macbeth-Louthan,, says that “every thought counts.”  And she’s right.  So don’t squander your thoughts on trivial or petty.  It’s like you only have so much cash in your pocket and so you’re really careful about spending it.  Same thing with your thoughts.  Spend them wisely.  Make them matter.  Direct them to a higher vibration.  Think of it as if every thought is a prayer.  Oh, I know.  You say, how can I think of every thought as prayer when I have to think about dinner, work and the kids?  Well, be creative and give a little twist to each thought.  Be grateful that you have food for dinner, be grateful for your children and be enthusiastic that you have a job to go to when millions upon millions of people around the world are jobless, maybe homeless.  Let your love, appreciation and enthusiam imbue your thoughts before you send them out into the world, the matrix, the universe.  It’s like we are toddlers and just learning how the world works.  So we need practice.  And as we see the miraculous way that our thoughts really do affect reality, we will start to live it as easy as breathing.

Now to step into the light, all we have to do is to acknowledge the light, to be aware of it.  Just know that the photon energy is impacting the planet and all of us whether we believe it or not.  So, might as well use it, right?  And if you look around, you’ll see little flashes of its presence in your everyday world. And then you’ll be a believer.  Remember, you’ll see it when you believe it!

Add your intent and energy to projects around the planet, like Jonathan Goldman‘s call to be a sonic activist, It’s five minutes of your time.  You can spend five minutes of your time to merge your spirit with thousands around the planet, can’t you?  So wear your heart on your sleeve and go out in the world shining love from your being.  This is the year of transformation.


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