Quantum Christmas

5 Dec

I adore Christmas.  I have such cherished childhood memories, like my dad finding a huge Christmas tree and calling it a ‘dandy.’  I remember my sister and I waking at 5:00am and sitting in the bunkbed with a tiny three-color lantern lit and trying to listen for Santa.  Lovely presents were piled under the tree, one of the most glorious being the Barbie Dream Kitchen, which was recently packed away again after my teenage daughter had outgrown it.  I still have many ornaments from my parents that are over 50 years old.  I remember singing Christmas carols from tiny songbooks after Christmas dinner with my aunts and uncles.  My mom made 16 different types of Christmas cookies and my sister and I ate oranges and chocolate.  Then there was no school and lots of snow.  What more could you ask for?  And then there was the miracle of the baby Jesus and the manger scene we would visit at church.  When I was about 11, I went to church in the early evening on Christmas Eve and felt the sacred in the air.

But what of Jesus and his birth?  He came to bring love and peace to the world.  But what does that have to do with half-price high definition 40-inch televisions?  I don’t get it and I think the whole world doesn’t get it.  Not everyone, of course, but a whole lot of people.  If anything, Jesus’ birth was humble, yet beautiful.  I don’t see much humble around, though. As is said every year, the true meaning has gone out of Christmas, blah, blah, blah.

This year is different, though.  This year an incredible amount of energy flowed into the planet.  When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, we will find ourselves on the doorstep of 2012, being invited in to create incredible change within our lives and on the planet.  It’s happening whether we acknowlege it or not.  Look at all the changes this year around the planet, including new governments, supernatural weather and earth movements.  Just last week I learned that Myanmar, formerly Burma, is suddenly opening to the west and allowing long-imprisoned Suu Kyi to meet with Hillary Clinton. Myanmar is entertaining the idea of democracy.  It was a brutal and rigid government. I couldn’t believe it.  What happened?  Energy happened.  The 11/11/11 energy and Lightworkers all over the planet have been anchoring the light for the evolutionary phase we are in right now.  And the energy will intensify during the next year.

People need only realize that our thoughts create reality and it is of the utmost importance to be impeccable in our thoughts, emotions and actions.  We must hold the vibration of joy and gratitude, however we can.  ‘Tis the season of giving and giving elevates vibration.  But give of yourself, your time, your attention, your affection and compassion – all things that don’t require gift wrapping.  Flow your energy to the planet and to those less fortunate.  Energy can create miracles and they can happen overnight just like the change in Myanmar. 

I have my tree up – a dandy like my dad said.  The house is decked and I will eat turkey and fixin’s on Christmas Eve and bake Christmas cookies and watch Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.  I will bask in the glow of my Christmas lights.  But I will also envison a world healed and whole, a world free of hunger and pain and violence.  I will envision a world of love and peace, kinda like the Coca Cola song – I’d like to sing the world a song of peace and harmony.  I know, I can’t help it that I’m corny.  And I will flow energy to the planet and work with our transformation.  Because it’s not Christmas as usual, it’s a Quantum Christmas, with quantum physics tying together all the loose ends and showing us how to connect with our fullness of being – you know, that sliver of God inside, the reason Jesus was born to begin with.  I wish you all a Quantum Christmas, peace, joy, love, healing, gratitude and many, many surprises!


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