Find the Sacred In Every Moment – it Exists!

20 Nov

We get so consumed by our daily lives and all the trivial and not-so-trivial things going on, that many times we are just blind to the sacred that surrounds us in every moment.

To begin with, just imagine what is going on in your body every second of the day.  You don’t have to will your body to breathe or your heart to beat or your liver to do its thing.  Trillions of cells in your body do their job and they do it well, 24/7.  That, in itself, is a miracle.  And the planet rotates and there are 6,000 lightning strikes around the planet every minute, maintaining the global electrical field.  No one has to plan it or push a button, it just happens.  We are surrounded by miracles, and yet we don’t acknowledge it very often.

So take a moment and really look at your world.  Acknowledge the sacred which surrounds you.  Every moment is a sacred moment – every breath you take, every heartbeat.  Then imagine something like the nautilus shell and the mathematical perfection of the Fibonacci numbers that create the endless spiral.  I look out my window and see a hummingbird in my orchid tree with its wings beating at an incredible speed.  I see a waterlily in my pond that opens at 9:00am every morning and is closed by 4:00pm.  Perfection, beauty and miracles abound.  But you must look in order to see.

On 11/11/11,  I participated in a prayer circle hosted by Jennifer McLean with at least hundreds, if not more, participating.  People were on the phone line from Cambodia and South Africa and all parts of the states.  The energy created on the hour long meditation was incredibly strong and when the call was over, I definitely felt that I was in an altered state.  The energy is ramping up and providing opportunities for transformation.  Friday, November 25 is a new moon solar eclipse and then two weeks later, Saturday, December 10 there is a full moon lunar eclipse.  Eclipses are catalysts for change.  If they are aspecting your astrological chart you will be sure to experience some kind of change.  If they are not, it will be a time of heightened energy and possible changes on the world stage.  Look for the sacred, look for the opportunity to create change on the planet.

I was interviewed about my new book,  Ready Or Not Here It Comes, on an internet radio show on November 16.  The following is a link to the archives: 

                                                          Step into the light!

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