Claim Your Mastery

5 Nov

I listened to an insoulment  today with Sri and Kira,, and the energy was very powerful and beautiful.  They spoke about the energy unfolding this month and then Kira channeled from the archangelic realm.  They said that this month especially, we need to claim our mastery and find the balance between love and wisdom.  By tapping into the energy manifesting for 11/11/11, we create a greater connection with the crystalline grid of the planet.

Kira said that we will be presented with opportunities to demonstrate our mastery this month.  In other words, we may run into a lot of challenges to prove that we have evolved and have a different way to handle the challenges.  The energy is creating a unified field of presence which allows us to be more present in our daily lives.  They said we need to affirm that we are here, we are open and we are ready to interact with the energy flowing into the planet on November 11.

How do we do that?  We need to focus our intent on the moment as much as possible.  That’s where the power is – in the moment.  As the energy increases for 2012, we must maintain joy and gratitude and transmute fear and negativity in order to create the balance necessary for planetary transformation.  Start right this moment.  Think only positive thoughts and spin anything else off to the universe to be transformed.  Energy never dies, it just changes form.  So anything that does not serve you can be converted to positive energy.  At first it might seem overwhelming, especially if you have grave health or financial challenges in your path.  But the more that you bring your attention to the alchemical moment when you release the fear, tension, hatred or anger, the faster and easier you will find the process.  Do it enough and make it your own.  See how much energy is freed up for the rest of your life.  And when you connect with that creative process, miracles are possible.  You create your reality and must be ready like an athlete for that volley from the universe that will be a game-changer.

It sounds fanciful, but it’s not.  And this is the month to prove it to yourself, while the universe still has your training wheels on.  Come 2012, you will be flying along on your own.  Just start.  That’s all it takes.  The ride will be worth it!

Ceremonies and meditations will happen all over the planet on November 11.  Make sure you connect with the energy, if only for a short meditation.  Sound master Jonathan Goldman invites you to to assist in the day’s energies. Flow your energy to the planet and be part of the transformation.

                                                            Step into the light !


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