26 Oct

We have two weeks until 11-11-11.  Tremendous amounts of energy continue to bathe our planet.  Just look at the coronal mass ejection which produced an aurora borealis as far south as Atlanta on Monday night.  The key to the energy is awareness.  If we are aware of the energy we can be proactive instead of reactive.  We can harness the energy to fuel focus and intent both in our personal life and for the planet.   Living in the moment and holding a high, clear intent allows the energy to flow into our consciousness as a creative force.  Now is the time to be a visionary in your own life.  Never before has the energy been so powerful.

Star of www.staressences.com says the time period from Oct24-Nov11 is a temporary recallibration portal.  She says we are leaving footprints of light.  What a beautiful image.  Take that and run with it.  As you go throughout your day, imagine that wherever you go and whatever you do, that you are leaving footprints of light.  Infuse your money with energy as you spend your bills and coins in the store or restaurant.  Infuse your garbage with energy as you leave it on the curb or put it in the bin.  Send energy along with your emails.  Become aware of the energy and play with it.  The shift in consciousness isn’t serious.  It’s fun, joyful and full of surprises.  Jump in and use the energy like paint on the canvas of your life.  We create every moment.  The more aware we are of the creation process, the more control we have and the better results we see.  We become active participants instead of bystanders.  Imagine the light like a Jedi with a light saber.  Wield it with care!  It might sound dramatic, because it is.  The light is a tremendous force and catalyst.  Use it wisely. 

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan channels the Pleiadian Light Council, www.thequantumawakening.com.  She says that we are not who we were last week because our electrons have an increased spin.  Can you imagine that?  So much energy is impacting the planet on our evolutionary path, that we are changing at the cellular level.  She says that when a group comes together in prayer, intent or meditation, that a hologram is created.  The length of time of the event and the power of intent create ripples and waves on the quantum level.  It is nothing less than weaving the fabric of the universe.  Yes, heady stuff.  Be careful what you wish for.  Lightworkers are holding different events for the November 11 energy portal.  Mari Cooper is hosting a telesummit beginning November 1, www.the111111telesummit.com.  Take advantage of the incredible flow of energy on November 11, and participate, even if you only pray or meditate.  Better yet, get together with a group and flow the energy exponentially.

Step into the light!




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