The Quickening

16 Oct

I have been remiss, and haven’t blogged for quite a while.  I was finishing my book and getting it published – it should be available on Amazon later this week.  The previous five blogs were written about three years ago about life in Vallarta, in case you want a glimpse.

At the moment, the most important thing is the increasing energy coming into the planet.  I can feel the potential in every moment – it is a quickening, with increased vibration.  Now we can manifest much easier and faster than ever before.  But we must be aware of the power and the responsibility.  If we dwell on the negative-what’s wrong with the world-and there’s plenty of that, then we will send the world plunging into chaos. Though, to embrace the energy with conscious creativity, we can manifest miracles.  I know it sounds pie in the sky, but it’s not.  Read some quantum physics to get a handle on what really creates our world.  Then do a little surfing and read Nasa’s website and other scientific reporting and you will see that we are indeed in the midst of unprecented changes on the planet.

And I know that other people are feeling it.  Look at the movement against Wall Street.  I am so thrilled that people are waking up and saying, hey, what’s going on?  Too long, a lot of people have been lulled into a zombie state with fearful media reports and a teetering economy.  It has created a state of helplessness and hopelessness.  Even if their movement does not create a radical change in finances, it already has on the energetic level.  Change has been wrought as people realize that they can influence their own life and they are creating an energy vortex of pure potential.  Right now, the aura of the earth is swirling with potential.  There is not a psychic that can predict what is going to happen during this time period.  They might be able to give a probability, and it might be really close, but we are the wild card!  We can make all the difference.  The energy flooding the planet has created a massive shift in human vibration and more people are turning to the light then ever before.

I read a lot of channeled material, and up until now, the messages have been sobering with the gravity of the shift in consciousness and the changes that may occur.  But lately, they have been joyous with the news that so many more people are stepping into the light and creating that shift in power.  When someone embodies the light, it just pulls up everyone and everything around it.  So it’s good news today.  Keep on keeping on. Read Steve Rother’s latest channeling of The Group for some great insight into the moment,

November 11, 2011 is almost upon us.  It is a day when tremendous energy floods the planet, because the frequency is being stepped up.  Musician Tom Kenyon has created a meditation to stimulate the pituitary gland in light of the coming energy.  He says to use the meditation once or more a day.  He also has a previous meditation for the pineal gland. Between the two of them you will attain an optimum vibration to work with the incoming energy.  The free downloads are available at  We are ready to step into the light!

‘The universe is complex and infinitely beautiful.  You carry a universe within you.  Love it. Be it. Shine it.’

                                            Ready Or Not Here It Comes


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