Vision For the Future

7 Sep

With time racing to the big 20-12, we need to rise above the monkey mind and be in the moment to create a world worthy of our attention. Come on, I know what it’s like. I know the ego mind is always whispering, usually wrapped up in fear and discontent. Well, that ain’t gonna get you anything except more fear and discontent. Our minds are very powerful and our thoughts create reality. So create an awesome vision for the future. Hold it, think it, live it. Like they say, fake it ’til you make it. Read some quantum physics and you’ll get the idea. Or better yet, just try it and see the results.

Don’t complain! Last night I listened to a teleseminar with Mabel Katz about ho’oponopono,

 It’s an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that centers around thanks and forgiveness.
Mabel gave example after example of the incredible shifts and healings that came about with ho’oponopono. She said, that if you can’t do anything else, at least don’t complain. Complaining is such a lower vibrational energy and just sucks the life right out of you. And think about it. I bet you are always complaining and don’t even know it. It’s that monkey mind – always jabbering. Look how that guy cut me off, why is the cashier so slow, why is the economy so screwed up, why don’t I get a raise, why is the weather so bad, and on and on.

In Eckhart Tolle‘s last book, A New Earth, he stresses how important it is to be in the moment. That is our point of power. That’s where we create from. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. So let’s use that moment. And let’s use it for something better than complaining. Concentrate on the task at hand. Think about the world you want to see. See the children in Somalia with full bellies. See peace in regions where peace is an illusive shadow. See people with smiles on their faces. If only. I double-dare you to take the challenge. Go 24 hours without complaining. Yes, a whole 24 hours without complaining. The moment you find yourself complaining, just stop. Let it go. Go on, you can do it, 24 hours. And I bet after 24 hours of no complaining, that you’re going to feel different. Noticeably different. You’re going to say, this feels good! Really, I promise. And those around you are going to feel better, too.

Mabel said that it is so simple, people don’t want to believe how simple the technique is. Her teacher told her, God has a sense of humor. So try it. It can’t hurt and it doesn’t cost anything. And maybe, just maybe, you’re really going to like it. Just don’t complain. And to make it really powerful, say thank you. An internal thank you, every time you think of it. 24 hours.


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